Riverdale Episode 2×19 “Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners” Recap

It turned out that I was so not ready for this episode and as the end of the Season 2 of Riverdale is approaching, I am surely not ready to find out all the answers to the questions I have been asking since this Season started. Is it just me or are you feeling the same? Warning for spoilers ahead, but I am sure you are already aware of it.


This innocent episode started with Midge’s funeral and with Sheriff Keller investigating her murder by interrogating everyone who attended The Musical night, including Chic. Of course, when it comes to investigations, Bughead is always there to help by doing their own investigation, especially if it has to do with Chic and the possible truth The Sheriff might find out about the dead body in The Coopers’ house, if he interrogates him.


Therefore, they visit The Sisters of Quiet Mercy in order to find out what happened to Betty’s brother while he was attending their home-group, right after Alice gave birth to him there. Shocking revelation, after all those things we had already learned on the matter, was that Chic is not Charles Smith, Alice’s son and Betty’s brother, due to a photo they found there depicting a completely different person. As a result, Bughead and Alice decide to lock him up in the basement in order to get the truth out of him.


Meanwhile, Archie gets in trouble when Nick St. Clair decides to take revenge for the beating he had endured a few episodes ago. He kidnaps Archie and locks him up, beats him and then asks Veronica to spend a night with him if she is interested in helping Archie make it out of there alive.


Speaking of Veronica, she finally told her parents to leave her out of their schemes while they, on the other hand, refused to help Archie with Nick because if they go after St. Clair’s family who are mobsters, certain enemies will come after them next. Who are those enemies, though? Judging by Hiram’s villainous businesses, I can tell that they are certainly bad news.


While Varchie are having their own troubles, Chic tells Alice that her real son is dead and this is exactly what brings her right into FP’s arms along with the truth about Charles being his son. One answer at a time but this episode brought us so many and I am still shook by all of them. However, Hal is still not out of the picture and, instead, he learns about the dead body and that Chic is an imposter. I still love his responses to every irrational thing he hears, calm and ironic, quietly judging everyone else’s acts and choices with the most suitable face expressions ever.


After finding out about the Black Hood’s murder in the previous episode, I was hoping that he starts calling Betty again and that is exactly what happened, bringing that awful ringtone along with the call. During the call, more answers were given to us and the most important was that the Black Hood framed Svenson and that he was not the real Black Hood.


At the same time, Veronica meets with Nick, promising him the night he desperately wants but, instead, he sedates him the exact same moment Archie succeeds in breaking loose and escaping in order to find her and save her from him. Moreover, Veronica gets money from the St. Clairs, judges her parents for not being willing to help Archie and tells Hiram to find Archie in his office. The biggest mistake Archie ever did was telling Hiram about wanting to bring down the Black Hood. How will Hiram use this kind of secret in the future?


Last but not least, Betty threatens Chic with a gun while cutting him loose and taking him outside in order to get the answers she needs from him. Consequently, Chic confesses that he accidentally killed her brother, Charles, when they got into a fight, which was the second answer we got in this episode. What a terrible end for someone we do not know and yet we all desperately wanted to meet at some point on the show.


Justice was brought once again by the real Black Hood, who was notified by Betty and immediately arrived in order to catch Chic and probably killed him. I was totally mind-blown when Alice told Betty that her father went outside looking for her, making her realize that Hal is the real Black Hood after all. Between Sheriff Keller and Hal Cooper, after Sheriff Keller having been pardoned by all the accusations we had against him, Hal was the next best thing, closer to what the real Black Hood looks like. Nevertheless, I still was completely surprised when that third answer hit me.


Three major questions were answered in this episode but I am still not sure about Hal being the real Black Hood because, at the same time this happened, Sheriff Keller, who had many appearances in this episode, ended up losing his badge at the end of it. Was that really a coincidence in his carrier as a Sheriff? Can they maybe be both Black Hoods? Do I really have to choose between the two of them?

Questions for you: Is Hal really The Black Hood? If he is, will he be out of the picture so Falice can happen? Is Veronica done with her parents’ dirty business? Will Archie be the one who catches The Black Hood before everyone else? If he does, will he get revenge for his father?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a recap of the new episode of our favorite Riverdale.


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