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Riverdale Episode 2×20 “Chapter Thirty-Three: Shadow of a Doubt” Recap

With Black Hood still walking around killing people, Chic being out of the picture and Hiram trying to make his prison dream come true, it was high time more bad things happened in the “quiet” town of Riverdale. Spoilers ahead, do not say that I did not warn you.

hiram archie

Since Hermione and Fred are both running for Mayor, Hiram is doing his best to ruin Fred by going after Archie, his son, by using his hatred towards the Black Hood and advising him to use his Dark Circle to find his real identity. Furthermore, after Sheriff Keller lost his badge, Hiram hired a new Sheriff in town named Michael Minneta and now he is in control of the Sheriff Department. In addition to this and while Midge’s killer is still out there, Fangs Fogarty gets the blame because he was fooling around with her the night of The Musical.


As a result, a war starts between Archie’s Dark Circle and The Serpents, resulting in Jughead and Archie being on opposite sides despite the fact that they are both after the same person: The Black Hood.


Meanwhile, Betty thinks that Hal is the Black Hood and decides to tell Jughead about her suspicions in an attempt to see what his thoughts are on the matter. Because of Jughead’s later problems with the Dark Circle, she decides to turn on Cheryl and asks for her help with her investigation around Hal.


Moreover, after giving Chic to the Black Hood, a call about an unidentified body in the morgue makes Betty realize her guilt about her choice. As it turned out, the body was not Chic’s but Betty continues her investigation which leads her to the apartment her father was living in while he was separated with her mother.


On the other hand, Veronica attempts to find a good investor for her father’s business plan and the most suitable person for that is someone named Elio and wants to build a casino in Riverdale. Nevertheless, Hiram refuses to associate himself with mobsters who are trying to find out a way to make their dirty money while he is trying to make clean money out of his new prison dream.

veronica archie

In the meantime and while Hiram is trying to ruin Fred’s campaign, Fred receives a threatening note supposedly from the Black Hood which results in the Lodges and the new Sheriff to all agree with putting extra security during the debate between Fred and Hermione.

“You’re next sinner!”

fred note

Now if you thought that the Black Hood attacking during the debate was the real Black Hood, well I did not. My guess is that he was hired by Hiram in order to make sure that people would believe that the Dark Circle run by Archie, Fred’s son, is responsible for the shootout and make Fred look unfitted for the position of the Mayor. Moreover, after finding out that Hiram is paying the Dark Circle, I was even surer about his involvement in at least half of the Black Hood acts. By the way, that scene during the debate was very convenient for Hal since he was there, on the other side of the room, while another person was wearing a hood and not him.

black hood

After this incident and because Hiram was refusing to let Hermione drop out from her campaign, Veronica for the first time this Season, actually reacted to her father’s irrational choices and she chose to support Fred and stop helping her father do his dirty schemes. While Veronica is drawing away from her father, Betty is getting closer to hers by choosing to confront him about the “Nancy Drew” book she found in his apartment.


Even though Hal had a good excuse minding the book, he did not convince me and he certainly did not convince Betty either since she called him later to ask him to meet her at “the place where it all began”. Do you remember her Town Hall speech in Season 1, right before the Black Hood’s attacks started? I love it how the pieces are connecting two episodes before the end of Season 2.

betty gun

In addition to the Black Hood killings, a riot starts seeking justice for Midge’s death, which results in Fangs getting shot supposedly by a furious Reggie Mantle. Am I the only one who had a weird feeling about Midge’s mother during the course of this entire episode? I think the bullet, which got Fangs, was not from Reggie’s gun but from Mrs. Klump’ who was lurking in the shadows in every single scene.


On top of all these and while Betty was waiting for her father, the Black Hood, in the Town Hall, the Black Hood appeared in Cheryl’s house, leaving us with a cliffhanger and a need of another episode of Riverdale.

black hoods

This is exactly what made my theory about the existence of two Black Hoods and not one stronger than ever. If Hal appears in the Town Hall in the next episode, I am sure he is going to confess that he is the Black Hood while the other Black Hood will be in Cheryl’s house. My guess about the other Black Hood is that it is either Claudius or Sheriff Keller. The first one because of his connection to Hal since they are both Blossoms and Hal was having an affair with Penelope to top it all (who wanted to clean her house, if you recall), and the latter because the eyes match perfectly fine and because Keller lost his badge in the previous episode and he has every right to be angry right now.

Questions for you: Do you also get the feeling that there are two Black Hoods and not one? What will happen now that Hiram owns half of the city? Is Hiram involved in the shooting during the debate? Did Mrs. Klump shoot Fangs or was it someone else?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a recap of the new episode of our favorite Riverdale.


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