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Riverdale Episode 2×21 “Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night” Recap

Only one more episode left for the full closure of Season 2 and its established stories and apparently the Serpents are in more danger than the sinners of Riverdale ever was during the Black Hood attacks. Do I really have to warn you for spoilers again?


This episode took right from where the previous one left just so we can watch a skilled and powerful Cheryl counterattacking the Black Hood who entered her house to kill, grasping her bow and arrow and shooting him on the shoulder. While I was expecting the second Black Hood to appear at the meeting point he had arranged with Betty, he never did, which made me believe for a second that my theory was completely wrong. Hold that thought.


Fangs is in a critical condition while at the same time FP informs Betty that her father entered the hospital, which makes totally sense considering he got an arrow on his shoulder making him more suspicious about being the Black Hood. In the meantime, my theory about who shot Fangs was correct and it was, indeed, Mrs. Klump, which makes Reggie innocent and the furious Serpents ready to attack her house. As Jughead manages to convince the Serpents to cause no harm to Mrs. Klump, the Ghoulies appear in front of the diner looking for trouble.

hot dads

Unfortunately, Fangs is dead and while Archie tries to scare the Ghoulies away, three of Riverdale’s Hot Dads appear and they make them stand down for now. That is when the mysterious Mr. X appears asking Pop Tate about the whereabouts of Hiram.

hermione veronica

Speaking of Hiram, Veronica enters his office in an attempt to find and get back the money she took from the St. Clairs but, instead, she finds an “October Surprise” folder full of pictures with Hermione‘s affair with Fred. To top it all off, there was an article ready to expose Fred, which was Hiram’s way of taking down Fred’s campaign for Mayor. Just as Veronica is one step away from convincing her mother that Hiram is evil and all, Mr. X enters their house, claiming he is Papa Poutine’s son and that he wants to avenge his father’s death. Hermione shoots and kills him and later asks Hiram to clean up the mess for which he was responsible for again. Are we actually looking at a brand new Hermione and Veronica ready to kick Hiram out of their lives?


Meanwhile, Betty is still trying to find out what is wrong with her father and who the Black Hood actually is and that leads her back to her house, where an enigmatic and weirdly creepy Hal is waiting for her along with Alice to show them a family video. While we are watching a younger version of Hal taking advises from his mother in order not to expose his father for killing sinners, we learn that the whole Black-Hood-thing had started by Hal’s great grandfather who was not killed by his brother but, instead, he was the killer. Do you remember the story we learned about the Coopers and the Blossoms in Season 1? It turns out that the darkness Betty has inside her stems from her father’s and her great grandfather’s darkness but that does not mean that the Blossoms are saints either.

second black hood

However, as we watch Hal admitting to all the killings but one – the debate shooting – a second Black Hood appears at Archie’s house and shoots Fred – again! Luckily, he was wearing a bulletproof jacket but the minute Archie looked into the second Black Hood’s eyes, he recognized that he was the same Black Hood who had shot Fred in the diner at the end of the previous Season. Did I not tell you that there are two Black Hoods instead of one?


Although Hal was arrested and will never kill again, Penny Peabody reappears and takes Toni as a hostage in order to blackmail Jughead to come for her rescue. Of course, the meeting was a set up but Juggie came prepared, bringing Cheryl with him now that she has become an expert with the bow. They rescue Toni but FP wants to start a war with the Ghoulies despite the fact that they outnumber the Serpents.


As a consequence, Jughead tries to avoid such a bloodbath after figuring out that Penny was paid off by Hiram and had a deal with him to go against the Serpents because, apparently, Hiram can buy out the whole town of Riverdale but cannot manipulate or buy off the Serpents. Therefore, Jughead exchanges himself with the possibility of a war between the two gangs, which results in him being beaten up hard and having his tattoo removed with a knife – just as he had done to Penny in a previous episode.

I never stopped loving u

Two of my theories proved to be right in this episode and yet, I cannot stop thinking that, if Hal admitted that he was the one who shot Fred in the diner – which he did – how could Archie recognize the second Black Hood as being the same one from last Season? Does this mean that Hal may have a twin brother who looks exactly like him and might explain the two contradicting facts? Or is my other theory about Claudius more accurate since he is also related to Hal by blood – so they have some similar characteristics? Nevertheless, while I am over-thinking the identity of the second Black Hood, I cannot stop thinking about what will happen to Jughead and if he is fine after all these things he endured.

Questions for you: Is Jughead going to be okay? Who do you think is the second Black Hood? Will Hiram ever be exposed and arrested? Will Hermione and Veronica have to do with his downfall? Is there going to be a war between the Ghoulies and the Serpents now that they hurt Jughead?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a recap of the new episode of our favorite Riverdale.


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