Riverdale Episode 2×22 “Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World” Recap

Riverdale’s Season 2 final episode is here and closed many of the main storylines of this Season but opened up two more for the Season 3, which was announced a few months ago and is going to air probably around October. I will have to warn you one more time for the upcoming spoilers.


Jughead is alive and well, although many of us thought that he might have died after he posted a very weird tweet the previous Wednesday night, thanking Riverdale, after seeing him being beaten up and left unconscious by the Ghoulies in the previous episode. FP was in the hospital with him and informed him that Fangs is actually alive but the Serpents do not exist anymore because some of them got arrested, others left Riverdale and others joined the Ghoulies. However, Jughead found out that FP lied to him and all of the Serpents are living in the Whyte Wyrm now.


Meanwhile, Nana becomes Cheryl’s legal guardian and while she goes to find her mother to tell her the news, she finds her in the barn talking with Claudius and Hiram. Speaking of Hiram, he fired FP from Pop’s and he now owns the whole city of Riverdale except for one little place: The Whyte Wyrm. With Mayor McCoy’s help, Veronica manages to get the money she took from the St. Clairs back and successfully bought the Whyte Wyrm just so she can go against her father. This was the smartest move Veronica made which helped her negotiate with Hiram and exchange Whyte Wyrm with Pop’s.

archie blackhood

While Veronica is busy trying to make her father’s life miserable, Archie is helping his father with his campaign while working with the new Sheriff to find out who the second Black Hood is. After stating that Hal is just his neighbor, not the Black Hood that shot his father in the diner, he informs the Sheriff that there is definitely a second Black Hood walking around free. Later on, the Sheriff tells him that he found out that the second Black Hood was Tall Boy because he found guns in his house matching the ones used in the attack in Archie’s house and in the Town Hall shooting along with a hoodie. Unfortunately, Tall Boy is dead because the police had to shoot him after he engaged them in a firefight.



In the Coopers’ house, Alice is having some sort of a mental breakdown after learning that her husband was killing people under her nose. Betty, on the other hand, is afraid that her darkness will consume her and make her do bad things like those that her father did. As a result, she visits Hal to say goodbye to him forever and to make it clear to him that she will not let her darkness define who she is or let him believe that they are the same. Of course, Jughead is always there to calm her down, which was the cutest thing in the whole episode.



The good news is that FP appointed Jughead as the leader of the Serpents since he had to retire from the position. First thing Jughead did was to make Cheryl a Serpent which makes total sense considering that she was walking around with a bow and an arrow defending the Serpents and practically protecting Riverdale the way she knew best. Nevertheless, after we all thought that it is not fair for Cheryl to become a Serpent so soon while Betty did not, although she did that whole-pole-dancing-thing in a previous episode, Jughead actually asked her to join the Serpents as well. It was about time, Juggie.


Unfortunately, Fred loses the elections, which means that Hermione is now the new Mayor of Riverdale but, on the other hand, Archie successfully becomes the President of the Student Council. In an attempt to threaten Hiram, Archie enters his house and confronts him, informing him that he will come after him and make sure he brings him down for good. In addition to this, Hiram has the Sheriff on his side, which made it so easy for him to make him arrest Archie for the murder of that person whom Andre killed in a previous episode.


Do you remember that episode where Veronica, Archie, Betty and Jughead spent some time in Veronica’s Lake House and three black hoodies tried to rob them? Yes, this is the guy we are talking about. Moreover, Hiram made the Whyte Wyrm his lair where he gathered the new Sheriff, Penny Peabody, Penelope Blossom, Claudius Blossom and the leader of the Ghoulies, Malachai, to discuss their future evil plans for the town of Riverdale. A great team of villains, I must say.

Questions for you: Are you excited for the next Season’s new plot themes? How will Archie get out of this mess? What is Hiram planning to do with this new group made out of all the Riverdale’s bad people? What did you think of the second Season of Riverdale overall?

Leave your comments below and I will be back next season when the brand new episodes of our beloved Riverdale will be released.

Until then, have a great Summer, loves!


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