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The 100 Episode 5×05 “Shifting Sands” Recap

After all the moving reunions we experienced in the first four episodes of this Season, Blodreina continues acting irrationally hostile to anyone and everything that is not Wonkru, a.k.a. enemy of Wonkru. The 100 are again standing in the middle of multiple crises, just as it was in all the previous Seasons. I am warning you for spoilers in case you have not watched yesterday night’s episode.


While Clarke is trying to find out more about her mother’s issues during her time in the bunker, Nathan Miller and another guy from the bunker are attempting to reach The Valley in order to scout the terrain before the enemies reach it first. However, Clarke warns them and Octavia about the deadly sandstorms occurring in the route they are about to take and instead of letting them go alone, she proposes to come with them in order to guide them since she has already walked that path multiple times before.

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Unfortunately, the prisoners who were in cryo for many years, after waking up they somehow ended up in The Valley while Murphy and Raven got captured by the prisoner’s crew. McCreary, of course, tortures both of them with the collars to find out how Raven locked the weapon system but it turns out, Shaw did it. He makes a deal with Raven to let Murphy go so he can tell Diyoza that Raven unlocked the system under the condition of Murphy being released. Nevertheless, he did not take off John’s collar, which means that they can track him down, and on top of that, they now have access to the missiles they want to fire on Wonkru.

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Meanwhile, Marcus and Abby are also in The Valley. They are asked by Diyoza to find out a cure for an illness fourteen of her guys have. She brings them one of them, Vinson, who, by the way, is also a cannibal, and Marcus tries to make a deal with her in order to keep Raven and Murphy safe, but she refuses to trust him and calls him a traitor. Furthermore, Abby finds out that the ill prisoners suffer from pulmonary tumefaction only for Diyoza to tell her that it is something else while bringing her all the other patient files so she can work on a cure.


While Wonkru are camping somewhere along the route to The Valley, Bellamy tries to contact Monti and the others with no success. Suddenly, the scouts get back screaming for help since one of them has something crawling inside his stomach. However, Clarke could not find a way to remove it resulting in his stomach suddenly exploding and many parasites get out of it, one of them getting into Octavia’s arm while Indra burned the others.


When John escapes due to Raven’s deal with Shaw, he meets with Monty, Emori, Harper, Echo and Madi and informs them about the missiles the prisoners plan to launch on Wonkru. Because of his collar, he stays behind with Emori while the others are heading to the prisoner’s transport ship where the missiles are. On their way there, they inform Bellamy of the incoming missiles and the danger they are in.


Diyoza did some rethinking on Cane’s proposal and he invites him for a drink in order to learn more information about Octavia. This is where we get to learn more about her back-story starring her father’s execution and her choices on that matter and afterwards. Moreover, I think she hinted her impression towards Octavia’s leadership while asking Cane to learn more for her.


As the missiles were heading towards Wonkru’s camp, the whole group was outside inside a massive sandstorm, making a protective circle and in the middle of it, was the wounded Octavia and her medic, Clarke. Fortunately, Clarke succeeded in removing the parasite from Octavia’s arm but the parasite’s poison was still in her system, making her movements difficult. Wonkru’s loyalty to their leader and the fact that they sacrificed themselves in order to protect her is what impressed Diyoza and made her want to learn all about her. Maybe she wants some tips on how to be a good leader.


In the aftermath of the deadly sandstorm, everyone is safe and sound except from eleven people of Wonkru. Bellamy applauds Octavia’s and Wonkru’s strength while she is threatening him of becoming their enemy if he ever gets in their way again. To top it all off, Madi, Monti, Harper and Echo arrive at Wonkru’s position, reuniting with everybody. However, what will happen to Echo now that Octavia and the rest of Wonkru hold a grudge against her?


We will just have to wait one week in order to find out.

Questions for you: Will Bellamy do anything bad to upset Octavia? What will happen to Echo now that Octavia is more bad-ass than ever? Do you also have the feeling that Cane might die during this Season because of his bad choices? Will the prisoners and Wonkru end up fighting, or they will find a way to co-exist in The Valley?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Wednesday with a full recap of The 100’s newest episode.


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