Why the workplace is the same as school!

People don’t grow up just because they do adult-like activities. Growing up doesn’t mean becoming mature, it just means that you’ve started paying credit cards, buying a house, doing grocery shopping but it doesn’t mean that you’ve actually become a kind person.  The most used phrase in my household was “A leopard never changes its spots”. I grew up wary of how people acted to me and how they developed as a person waiting for the person to become a terrible person again, waiting for them to be petty and when they didn’t I was told they’d changed, but I knew they never had done.


I went to work the first day after college, I chose a major that meant that I would have no problem finding a job, even in today’s economic climate.  There were people that I had met in my interview, two of them where in their late 30’s, one girl was a similar age to me, there where two boys that where a year or two younger than me. I chose my mentor, I picked the girl that was in her late 30’s believing that she would teach me the ways of the world. I was out of college but I was ambitious, I was also very wrong.

My mentor taught me about the workplace but would end up being the person that gave me anxiety attacks, keep me up late at night. I would stop eating and be fear of being called a snowflake every other day, I would learn not to mention my anxiety or my depression as she would tell me that I used it as an excuse. I was bullied for being different, for my hobbies being different. She would tell me that she was helping me but in the long run I found out that she would actually be the person that was talking about me behind my back. She worked with some others too, shortly before I decided to leave they left, in the end, there were three of us that left our internship because of her behaviour.

There will be people that will tell me to just get over it, how that’s life and people are mean. However, no-one should have to walk into work each morning and have a panic attack. Good managers don’t instil fear in their employees and mental health and how you feel is way more important than a job.

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