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The 100 Episode 5×06 “Exit Wounds” Recap

Madi is not a Nightblood, Octavia is still out of control and scarier than ever, Diyoza remains the biggest fan of Octavia, McCreary is still getting on my nerves and Becho is the least of our worries in this brand new episode of The 100.

Warning: Keep your distance if you have not watched last night’s episode because spoilers are all over the place.

ocThere are still so much we do not know about the events that occurred during these past six years we have missed and, apparently, one of them is Kara’s betrayal. We learned nothing more on that matter but we did learn that many of Wonkru are now planning to defect and join Diyoza’s crew since the bunker is running out of food supplies. Speaking of Diyoza and food supplies, she made a peace offering by dropping some from the sky, which Octavia chose to burn since she is not planning to make peace with her.wootOn the other hand, we have Echo still being Octavia’s enemy and Bellamy trying his best to keep Echo safe. In an attempt to show Octavia that she is not the same anymore, Echo becomes Octavia’s spy in order to find out the names of the people who are planning to defect. Nevertheless, she does not intend to give them up and instead, she and Bellamy find a way to take them all to safety and destroy Diyoza’s monitoring system at the same time so that Wonkru can enter The Valley, where there is plenty of food for all of them. The plan is for Echo and the defectors to, actually, defect and after entering Diyoza’s ship, Echo will plant something like a microchip in their system so that Monty can have full access to their camera system.bechooIn the meantime, Emori tries to remove Murphy’s collar while at the same time we learn all that happened between the two of them during these six years we are missing. It turns out that John was, in fact, jealous of Emori doing something on the Ark while he did not and did not want to. Nevertheless, Emori successfully manages to remove the collar right before McCreary finds their exact position – or should I say “the removed collar’s position?” His trophy for his good job was a bomb instead of Emori and Murphy, which resulted in both of them taking advantage of the fact that he got hurt and take him as their hostage. Are they planning to exchange him for Raven, who is their prisoner?mur emAfter we find out that Madi did not survive Praimfaya because of her blood but because she is something else entirely, Clarke does her best to keep her safe. Even though Octavia could not tell that Clarke was lying to her when she told her that Madi survived because Clarke turned her into a Nightblood, Niylah can still tell whether Clarke is lying or not, which makes her their enemy. Moreover, Gaia shows up trying to help because she knows that a Nightblood can take Octavia down but Clarke plans to tell the truth to Octavia in order to keep Madi safe.clarkeeeUnfortunately for Clarke, her plan of taking Madi back to The Valley to keep her safe instead of telling Octavia the truth is ruined when Madi decides to tell Octavia the truth by herself and join Wonkru a minute after Echo and the defectors manage to escape and go through with Bellamy’s and Echo’s plan. Speaking of the defectors, although the plan was for them to escape safely and quietly since Octavia knew the whole defecting was serving her purposes against Diyoza, she ordered Kara to shoot some of them while they were on their way behind Bellamy’s back. Yet once again, she took the right decision since, should not she had done that, Diyoza would have thought that this was not a real defect but a cover for them to enter her ship.bellarkeeDespite all these horrible odds, Echo manages to enter Diyoza’s ship wearing a bracelet which carried the chip while carrying the wounded girl who was the first to tell her about the planned defect, Karina. During the removal of their guns and jewelries by Diyoza’s soldiers, Echo smartly thinks of taking the chip out of her bracelet and putting it into Karina’s wound right before her bracelet gets taken away. On top of that, Diyoza places a collar to each one of the defectors as a precaution, including Echo, of course. Will Echo succeed in placing the chip where she should?echoAs you must have realized by now, I left the steamy Becho scene out of this review because I simply cannot ship these two, no matter what. On top of that, not only did we get far away from our Bellarke dream but we also got too far away from our other favorite ship, Murven. Let’s hope the writers are planning a special surprise for us this Season so we will not have to wait another year for these couples to end up together. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

Questions for you: Will Echo do her job or should we not trust her because of her past? Has she really changed or is she going to betray Bellamy to keep herself safe? Will Octavia ever get back to the Octavia she was six years ago? Will Madi be okay under Octavia’s command? Is Octavia lying and is actually going to hurt Madi at some point?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Wednesday with a full recap of The 100’s newest episode.


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