Friday Film: “Unsane”

There has been a lot of talking about this new film, which is shot entirely on an iPhone so I chose to watch it just to see what the fuzz is all about and now I am highly recommending you to watch it as well because it is, in fact, a beauty.

The new 2018 thriller film “Unsane” is another film shot on an iPhone, since there are eleven others as this one, and the differences between this one and others shot on a regular camera are minor. Director Steven Soderbergh, after working with cameras and making great movies, such as “Erin Brockovich”, “Traffic” and “Ocean’s Eleven”, decided to try something you and shot this film on an iPhone device. Given his previous gorgeous pieces you can rest assured that this is another one of his spectacular works, because for me it does not have to do with the means you use but whether you have a talent or not.

Sawyer Valentini (Claire Foy,  “The Crown”, “Vampire Academy”, “Breathe) is a young woman, who is committed involuntarily to a mental institution, where she is confronted by her greatest fear. However, is her fear real or a product of her delusion?

Since the fuzz was centered around the fact that this film was shot on an iPhone, I would like to talk about this first. It is blatantly obvious that the entire movie is shot on an iPhone and not on a camera but not in the bad way but rather because you can clearly see where the focus of every scene is and how different the colors are. However, it is the iPhone choice that makes you question the reality Claire Foy is living and if she is sane or not. There is some beauty to this work simply because the iPhone’s camera is what makes Foy appear so mysterious and untrustworthy while at the same time it is placed in the right angles with the right colors to give you the cinematography every other movie shot on a regular camera does.

On the other hand, it has such an interesting story, which succeeds in having you on pins and needles throughout the entire film. Claire Foy does such a great job making you believe that something is very wrong with her but at the same time you are still not sure if there is, in fact, something wrong with her or with the people who put her in that institution. Furthermore, this conflict can easily bond you with her character since the slightest hint she gives you towards her sanity is what actually makes you endorse for her and seek justice until the end of the film, which is equally epic as the rest of the movie.

Do not let the fact that this film is shot on an iPhone cloud your judgment and keep you from watching this very interesting movie because it has nothing less than all the other movies shot on camera. Watch “Unsane” and see for yourself if it is worthwhile or not.

I will be back next Friday with another one of my favorite movies that you must watch.

Until then, leave your comments below and let us know what your thoughts on this movie are and if you enjoyed watching it.


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