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The 100 Episode 5×07 “Acceptable Losses” Recap

Experiments are coming and going in this show while we are waiting for a war to start sooner or later. Abby is still a drug addict, Octavia remains ruthless, Bellamy does not do much apart from staying hotter as ever and Clarke is the only smart person among all these people. I will have to warn you again for spoilers coming in the next paragraphs for anyone who have not watched the new The 100 episode yet.

abby marcusAbby could not save Karina after due to the fact that she was under the influence of the pills she has been using 24/7 since the first episode of this Season. Marcus is unable to do anything to help her so he decides to threaten her by making her choose between him and the pills. However, Diyoza was the one who actually gave Abby those drugs on purpose in an attempt to make her unable to save the wounded Wonkru girl.bellyFurthermore, 75% of Diyoza’s people are dying from the weird decease they have and Abby cannot do anything about it. Diyoza informs her that the reason why she was not tested to see if she also has the decease was simply that she was hiding the fact that she is pregnant. The first thing that came to my mind after seeing her belly, was that McCreary is the father of her unborn child. Do you think this is too far-fetched?

Fun fact: Ivana Milicevic, the actress portraying Diyoza, found out that she was pregnant the day before she started shooting Season 5 of The 100. Instead of removing her from the series, the producers and the showrunner decided to find a way to make it work in the show. The actress was actually pregnant at the time, which is why her character is also pregnant.

echo ravenMeanwhile, Echo reaches out to Raven explaining her their plan with that chip-thingy but Raven tells her there is only one way they can come near Diyoza’s computer system and plant the chip. Therefore, she approaches Shaw who refuses to let her bring back to The Valley the hythylodium from the prisoners’ mother ship. Shaw reveals to her that hythylodium was more important than people back when he was a little kid despite the fact that it was the reason people were dying. That is when Raven realizes that he was the one who deactivated the shock collars and did not let Diyoza enter the missile system.MV5BZDIyMzkyMjUtNTFkNS00ZmM0LWFkYTAtMjdmZDE0NTQwOTM0XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTc4MzcyNDU@._V1_When Echo informs Diyoza that Shaw is a traitor, she asks for proof meaning that Echo and Raven will have to enter the room where their computer system is located in order to show her from inside the computer that Shaw was the person who turned off the shock collars. While Raven is searching the system, Echo places the chip on the computer and manages to give access to Wonkru to the prisoners’ surveillance system.parasitesSpeaking of the whole surveillance system, Clarke and Monty discover a weird door inside the Bunker where Wonkru brings dead bodies. When they break into it, they find out that Wonkru have kept some of the parasite-infected bodies and are preserving them in order to use them as a weapon when they attack Diyoza’s crew and take The Valley.bellarkeMonty and Clarke tell Bellamy about the chambers and propose to approach Indra with this information asking her to help them stop Octavia since something like that can put Raven, Abby, Marcus and Echo who are still in The Valley at risk. Unfortunately, when the four of them confront Octavia and ask her about the bodies, she is unwilling to back down from her plan and not even Indra can do anything about it.flameIn the meantime, Gaia is training Wonkru children, including Madi, in order for them to be ready for the upcoming fight with Diyoza’s crew. Gaia keeps an eye on Madi and does not train her the same way she trains the other children because Clarke asked her not to train her at all. Nevertheless, the minute the lesson ends, Gaia approaches Madi and shows her The Flame she still keeps. In addition, Madi was hearing weird voices coming from The Flame, calling her to accept it and become the next Commander.octavia madiDespite Gaia’s objections regarding Madi’s incapability of fighting, Octavia orders her to battle a young boy, but actually manages to defend herself pretty well and win the fight by dropping the little boy to the ground. Octavia, now knowing the truth about Madi, she asks Clarke to borrow Madi for a strategy session after the latter accepts Octavia’s invitation to be her second when they fight Diyoza’s army. Madi keeps making the worst decisions without thinking of the possibility of dying because of them.montyAfter Clarke hands Jasper’s letter to Monty he gets frustrated because of Jasper’s confession and point of view and does not want to cause harm to anyone any more. That is when Clarke decides to step up and call Diyoza asking her for a way to co-exist in The Valley. Of course, Diyoza refuses to surrender, something that Bellamy smartly thinks that Octavia will not do either. Therefore, Clarke proposes to take down Octavia, which is about time, if you ask me.

If Diyoza is willing to share The Valley with Wonkru now that 75% of her crew is dying anyway, this can be very beneficial to both Wonkru and Diyoza. Moreover, I am starting to realize that if they succeed in taking down Octavia, Madi might actually accept The Flame and become Wonkru’s true Commander. As far as all the parasites and diseases are concerned, I think those will be the next enemies Diyoza and our beloved cast will have to fight in order to survive together in The Valley.

Questions for you: How are they going to take down Octavia? Will Madi eventually accept The Flame? Is Abby ever going to stop this pill madness? Will Diyoza find out about what Echo and Raven did? Could McCreary be the father of Diyoza’s unborn child?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Wednesday with a full recap of The 100’s newest episode.


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