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The 100 Episode 5×08 “How We Get To Peace” Recap

After this episode, we are definitely getting closer to peace and even closer to the Bellarke dream. Or is this one of those episodes which gets our hopes up right before the true disaster comes? Once again, if you have not watched last night’s episode, be careful as spoilers are coming up.

bellarkeNow that Wonkru have access to Diyoza’s surveillance system, Monty proposes that, instead of killing people, he can try growing things so that Wonkru have food. Bellamy insists they do not harm Octavia in the process of making peace with Diyoza since she will never agree to surrender. Therefore, Clarke proposes that they kill the worms Octavia plans to release upon Diyoza’s crew and stop the war this way.bellarke killTheir plan is to have Indra exterminate the worms while Kara Cooper will get the blame so that Octavia will not suspect Bellamy and Clarke. Consequently, they trap Cooper inside the room with the worms, in a suit that has a hole on it. Cooper dies tragically while a bunch of worms are coming out of her and Indra is the one who tells Octavia later that she had no other choice but to kill all of them.vincent abbyAbby is still trying to find a way to cure Diyoza’s crew while having unlimited pill supply in return. She finds a way to stop Vinson’s lung cancer temporarily through sound waves. One of the means she uses to do it is those new guns introduced to us this Season for the first time.raven abbyHowever, in order to be able to take the power out of the gun and make it come out through another not-deadly mean so that the gun will not kill him, she needs Raven’s help. While Raven is currently preoccupied with Echo’s proposal to kill Shaw so that Diyoza will not have a pilot, she is taken to Abby. Additionally, she refuses to help Abby after she finds out about the pills Diyoza is giving her but Abby, being the crazy addict that she is, shocks Raven‘s collar to get what she wants. After Raven gets back to her room, she agrees with Echo’s plan to take down Shaw. Will they actually do it, though?marcusMarcus still is in good terms with Diyoza and tries to make her understand how important it will be if she agrees to share The Valley with Wonkru. He has a nice vision of what their life could be that involves a school and a playground for the children and a beautiful community they can create all together. As great as all these might sound, why do I have the feeling that something is going to ruin everything again?marcus and diyozaDiyoza finds his plan interesting especially after hearing about the possibility her child will have of a good life if they did all these things. Therefore, she tells Marcus that she is carrying a child and this is when my mind was blown away. How can she be pregnant for a hundred years and a few months? How did she manage to survive earth’s destruction while still being pregnant a hundred years ago when that happened?murphy mccrearuMeanwhile, Murphy is back in this episode and has a plan to make a deal with Diyoza, exchanging McCreary for Raven. Unfortunately for McCreary, Diyoza does not care if he dies and refuses to take John’s deal. However, after McCreary learns that Diyoza did not care to help him, he makes a deal with Murphy to help him reach Raven.murphy emoriThe plan was for McCreary to get Murphy and Emori back to Diyoza, supposedly having taken them as prisoners to deliver them to her. This way, McCreary will bring Murphy to Raven and their plan has gone well so far. Nevertheless, Emori steps in and informs John that after this, he will go back to the person he was while they were on The Ark and she will not love him if he is like this. But who cares? Murphy needs to be with Raven. If he has to stop being a badass to get her, that is fine by me.bellarke 2Now let me dedicate a whole paragraph to my Bellarke heart because the writers are clearly torturing us this whole Season making us believe we will have our Bellarke by the end of it. It is actually working pretty good considering that in this episode there were so many people threatening to kill Octavia but Bellamy kept saying “no”. However, that was before Octavia threatens to kill Clarke.wooootAfter Octavia realizes that Clarke was behind the whole worm extermination thing because her plan was to use their eggs and not the worms, she captures Clarke and tells Bellamy that she will execute her. That is when Bellamy decided to put Octavia to sleep, informing her in the meantime that they made a deal with Diyoza and that she will wake up again when they will already be in The Valley. He did not want Octavia to get hurt but, hey, if she threatens Clarke, he is willing to poison his own sister. To top it all off, Octavia told him to his face that he loves Clarke and he did not deny it. Writers, please!

And I did not even comment on the heart-and-mind discussion between Bellamy and Clarke, reminding each other about their past and how they left things. Additionally, what about the fact that Bellamy made sure Clarke would hear him when he promised her that he will keep Madi safe? Moreover, as annoying as Octavia is, her plan to send Echo to The Valley and far away from Bellamy and then to remind him that Clarke is the woman he truly loves, was the best plan I have ever seen. Good job, girl!

Questions for The 100’s writers: Will you give us Bellarke? Will you give us Bellarke? Will you give us Bellarke already? Give us Bellarke!

Questions for you: Will Clarke ever tell Bellamy that she has been sending him messages all these years they were apart? Will Wonkru manage to get to The Valley and live with the prisoners in peace? Is this going to be ruined because of Raven and Echo’s decision to kill Shaw? Will the eggs make it to The Valley and make Diyoza furious?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for the next episode.

I will be back in two weeks with a full recap of The 100’s newest episode.


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