The 100 Episode 5×09 “Sic Semper Tyrannis” Recap

Four episodes before The 100 Season 5 ends and this one is only a glimpse of what is coming next. The last two episodes had paused its progress for a while, but this one took it to a new level of madness. Remember that spoilers are coming. If you have not watched last night’s episode yet, do not continue reading the rest of this.

murpMcCreary made his entrance back in The Valley with Murphy’s help in the previous episode. Now he is willing to get revenge over the fact that Diyoza left him to die. He finds her with Abby, but they hide the truth about the cure from him. That will come to bite them eventually though. McCreary stands down for a while until Murphy tells him the truth about the cure. echMeanwhile, Murphy, Emori, Raven, and Echo are planning to escape from The Valley. However, Raven does not want them to take down Shaw and instead she asks him to join them. For a minute there I thought Shaw would betray her, but fortunately, he did not. They plan to escape quietly while Diyoza’s army and McCreary’s crew are busy slaughtering each other.clarkeBellamy, in fact, became a male Clarke during the time-jump. He promised Clarke in the previous episode that he will keep Madi safe and now he wants her to take The Flame and become Commander. As it turns out, Octavia’s crew will not obey any other leader than Bloodreina herself. Not even Indra could persuade them, and Nathan informed Wonkru that he is the successor of Octavia, not Indra. That guy is half responsible for what came next. Octavia has also woken up sooner than Bellamy thought she would.diyozaMcCreary eventually confronts Diyoza with his crew about lying to him at the beginning of this episode. The latter chooses to tell them the truth in an attempt to avoid the bloodshed McCreary desperately wants. However, Murphy had a brilliant idea that made me laugh my heart out at that point. He threw a rock to one of Diyoza’s men, which became the blow that started a fight between them. McCreary takes Abby as his prisoner right after hearing that Diyoza is carrying his child. Of course, I had foreseen this a few episodes ago, and I am glad I took my answer sooner than I thought. marcConsequently, Raven, Murphy, Emori, and Echo took advantage of the fight to escape after removing their collars first. Marcus finds them before they go and tells them not to leave without Abby and Diyoza. He informs them about Clarke‘s negotiation with Diyoza to live with peace in The Valley altogether. The rest do not agree, but Murphy steps in again and follows Marcus to save Abby and escape afterwards. flameIn the meantime, Bellamy and Gaia give Madi The Flame. Octavia wakes up, and Clarke finds her to kill her before she can kill Madi. However, Octavia informs Clarke she does not want Madi to become Commander either. The two of them find Bellamy, Gaia, and Madi. Octavia takes Bellamy, Indra, and Gaia as her prisoners while Clarke saves Madi. Unfortunately, The Flame was already in her when they found her. However, when Madi woke up, she reminded me of Lexa, and I think that she will be Lexa’s successor and will make us reminisce the old days. Clarke’s slap to Bellamy was genuinely heartbreaking, and I hope Madi gets her to forgive him before this Season ends. hedaaAs Octavia retakes the lead, she shows us once more that she is the real leader of Wonkru. She is determined to punish Bellamy, Indra, and Gaia for betraying her and go to war with The Prisoners instead of surrendering. While the episode was fading away, we saw that she still has feelings left inside of her since she was crying. What exactly happened to Octavia during The Dark Year? I am currently thinking genuinely the worst for that year. What did she have to put through so that Wonkru would accept her as their real leader? oct cryThis episode took us one step away from Bellarke and Murven, but I am hoping for an excellent Season finale. Murphy seems to have been making the right choices throughout this Season, and I have started thinking that he might die eventually. I hope this does not happen because he is indeed a fantastic character and The 100 will not be the same without him.

As for Bellarke, I have waited for so long to see them together; I can probably wait a bit longer. Besides, Madi is showing her appreciation towards Bellamy based on what she has heard about him from Clarke. I hope for her to reunite them again and make Clarke forgive Bellamy. Also, I am hoping she will motivate her to tell Bellamy about her messages. I am dying to watch Bellamy’s reaction to that fact now that everyone keeps telling him that he loves Clarke and he does not deny it whatsoever.

Questions for you: Will Clarke ever forgive Bellamy for what he did? What happens to Abby now that McCreary captured her? Will Marcus or Murphy die while trying to save her? Is Wonkru going to come victorious out of this war? Will Madi eventually become Wonkru’s true and lawful leader? What happened to Octavia during The Dark Year?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Wednesday with a full recap of The 100’s newest episode.


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