The 100 Episode 5×10 “The Warriors Will” Recap

Another breathtaking episode and three more left until The 100’s Season 5 comes to its conclusion.

The war will eventually start, but before that, we will finally learn what happened during The Dark Year in the next episode. Until then, Octavia is determined to remain Wonkru’s leader and does everything she can in order not to lose her title.

Warning again: Spoilers ahead.

mc abbyMcCreary is getting worse and worse, and along with him Abby also worsens from the lack of meds McCreary that took away from her. He also asked her about Diyoza’s pregnancy, informing her that the child is, in fact, his. However, Vinson comes in for his regular treatment, and Abby asks him to bring her meds next time he comes there again. Marcus and Diyoza were missing from this episode, which is making me wonder where they are hiding after the fight in the previous episode. madi clarkeMadi is still having nightmares from the previous commanders past. In one of her dreams, she witnesses Becca’s death, and we got a glimpse of her like a tribute to the earlier Seasons. I am wondering if we get to see Lexa as well, especially when her fanbase is still everywhere in all comment sections of every episode. Additionally, Clarke did the stupidest thing and threw the worms in the desert without killing them. Is this going to come back and bite her? octavia indraMeanwhile, Octavia wants to throw Bellamy, Gaia, and Indra in the arena to fight so that everyone can see that she is their real leader. However, deep inside, she does not want Bellamy to die. Indra informs her that she will kill him and then have Gaia kill her since she will not endure losing a child. Moreover, Octavia has various visions from The Dark Year and her past in The Ark with Bellamy and their mother. Judging by next episode’s promo, The Dark Year involved some cannibalism, but we do not know yet if this is a metaphor or the real deal. I cannot wait to find out what happened there. octavia blossOctavia also pays a visit to Monty too and finds out that his crops are blooming. That can be the answer to their problems, but Octavia still wants to go to war. Moreover, Bellamy refuses to fight despite Octavia’s advice to him of Indra’s weakness. That was another tribute there with the mention of Pike. I am still missing those The 100 days. clarke madiClarke and Madi are planning to visit Diyoza to find a way to prevent the war. While heading there, they find out what happened with McCreary’s treason and the new state of the command currently going on in The Valley. However, they manage to get in The Valley and find Abby who is not in good condition at all. While Vinson brought her the meds, her state was already bad, so I am guessing she took too many pills that made her pass out. By the way, Vinson bit the two guards who had suspicions of him bringing Abby something, reminding us that he is a dangerous cannibal. That guy along with The Bunker’s cannibalism makes me wonder why are there so many references to cannibalism in this SeasonmontyFurthermore, Gaia, Indra, and Bellamy prepare to enter the arena. Gaia plans to attack Octavia while in the pit something that she eventually chooses to do. That, however, does not move Octavia at all and she still wants them to fight to the death. Monty was the real hero in this episode, and we need to give him all the credits. He stepped into the arena showing everybody the blooming flowers, pointing out to everybody that the farm is the answer and not the war. Of course, Wonkru prefer that than dying altogether and not getting The Valley in the end. fireUnfortunately, Octavia burns every flower and tells everybody that they either stay here and die or march with her and live. They set off to The Valley along with Bellamy, Harper, and Monty who are going to find Echo, Raven, Emori, and Murphy. By the way, where were these four in this episode? Moreover, will Wonkru fight and die because The Prisoners outnumber them, or is there going to be a truce in the end?

The next episode holds all the answers about The Dark Year and how did Octavia become like this. One week and we will find out exactly what happened and I am prepared for this since I believe we will deeply regret hating Octavia this Season. You can watch the promo for The 100‘s Episode 11 here.

Questions for you: What do you think happened during The Dark Year? Will it really be something like cannibalism? Will Madi become Wonkru’s commander in the end? Will Octavia decide to surrender in the end? Is Abby ever going to become better? Where will the worms go now that they are free?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Wednesday with a full recap of The 100’s newest episode.


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