The 100 Episode 5×11 “The Dark Year” Recap

“The Silence of the Lambs” has infiltrated The 100. Octavia has endured a lot, Wonkru are walking into a trap, Madi makes more sense than any other person in this show right now, Clarke was never a hero, and we lost our hope for Murven becoming a thing this Season.

Warning: If you have not watched the new episode of The 100 yet, be prepared for the spoilers ahead.

mccrAfter finding Abby in this horrific situation, Clarke and Madi are doing their best to save her. Some pills are the key to her fast detoxification with a chance of her heart stopping in the process. That, in fact, happens, but they manage to save her one more time and learn everything about The Dark Year in the meantime. McCreary finds out about Wonkru marching to The Valley, planning to take his crew out. He is currently at a disadvantage since he and his men are sick and dying. Abby is the key to their survival, which is why Clarke wants to help him by making her mother better. wonkruWonkru are on their way to invade The Valley. Marcus and Diyoza who are also hiding with Echo, Raven and the rest of Bellamy’s “family”, choose to warn them about McCreary’s whereabouts. They also advise them on how to get into The Valley and win this war. However, Echo also warns Bellamy about McCreary’s knowledge of their invasion. After that, Murphy, Echo, Emori, Raven, and Shaw have a plan to steal guns from McCreary’s crew. Of course, among these guns are also the new powerful ones that can turn people to ashes. They succeed in killing the guards and stealing their weapons, including the uber weapon. murIn the meantime, we learn the story behind The Dark Year piece by piece from two different sources. Abby’s narration to Clarke and Madi and Octavia’s visions from the past. The whole thing started because they did not have enough protein to feed their people in The Bunker, which meant that they would have died before Bellamy and Clarke rescue them. Moreover, Abby suggested the only way to save everyone by doing something for only one year and survive this. cannOctavia has her thoughts about the terrible Dark Year she had to go through too. She was unwilling to do this along with Marcus but eventually had to. The Pit was the key to their survival, meaning that the people who were dying in it, they would become Wonkru’s food. However, Marcus was protesting against that along with some other people that also explains his whereabouts and why he got into The Pit during 5×02. heroFurthermore, after Madi heard about what Octavia had to go through during The Dark Year, she confronted Clarke and told her the only logical thing. Octavia was not to blame for what she has become now and what she is willing to do. In fact, Clarke also has done awful things for her people in the past.

“She bore that so they don’t have to.”

However, Clarke insists on carrying only about Madi’s safety, something that Bellamy also does and it is what drives me crazy this whole SeasonlessonAbby suggested to Octavia that she should probably make it illegal for people not eating other people. In her attempt to pass this message, Octavia kills three people of her crew who were unwilling to eat the piece of meat in front of them. That made Marcus eventually take a bite, and his followers did the same. What was even more surprising to me was the fact that every sentence Octavia and Wonkru were repeating during the last ten episodes were created during The Dark Year to honor one thing; CannibalismbellamyNevertheless, I think Bellamy is the one annoying me the most this Season. Clarke is not his family, and now Octavia is not too. Maybe he needs to reconsider the definition of the word “family” before making such awful statements to the people that helped him for four Seasons in a row. Anyway, he explains his plan to Monty giving him hope and advising him to grow something else in The Valley besides algae. In the end, we see him planning the invasion along with Wonkru without knowing that Marcus and Diyoza have betrayed them. plannAfter this episode, let’s face it; Octavia did not have any other choice during The Dark Year according to Abby. And to be fair, I blame Abby for this, not Octavia. Even Abby blames herself for the whole thing, which makes me think if she is going to die in this Season. During SDCC, the cast disclosed that the end of the Season would be heartbreaking. From what I heard, it seemed to me that someone is going to die. My original thought was that Octavia would be that person. Now, I am also leaning towards Abby and Marcus, given Abby’s back-story during these five years they were in The Bunker and the fact that Marcus has just betrayed Wonkru. I also have one last comment: Can we, at least, get one ship this Season since you just ruined Murven? At least, give us Bellarke and then maybe I can forget the Raven-Shaw thing. I get it, she is happy, but Murphy will obviously make her happier.

Questions for you: Do you also think that someone will die this Season? Will it be someone between Abby, Marcus, and Octavia? Who is going to warn Wonkru about the trap? Will Octavia decide to surrender in the end? Is Madi the key to this war? Where are the worms?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Wednesday with a full recap of The 100’s newest episode.


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