We make mistakes and celebrities make mistakes, they’re only human too.

This story is written in light of the current news of Demi Lovato and the sad news that she overdosed due to unknown substances. There are no trigger warnings in this post, however, we would suggest that if you are uncomfortable or it is triggering for you to read about Demi Lovato or a real-life story based on alcohol abuse then this isn’t the one for you to read. we have many other articles on our site that do not require this disclosure. 

The sad news of Demi Lovato has made a major impact on the OG Coffee Girls. Demi is our idol, and notice that I use the word is and not was, she still is. She has the ability to come back from this stronger than ever. She’s taught us so many things over the last 15 years, we grew up with her and as we made mistakes, she made mistakes. Her press team have hidden some like our parents would have to make sure that we don’t make certain mistakes but now she’s honest and open and we are learning with her.

There were times that I believed that in college that I was a functional alcoholic. Happy hour was my thing, people would ask me to go for drinks and I would drink with lunch because it was okay to do that and I was a college student.  There were times that I would take a shot the night after based on what I had done before. I had an illness that I am still working through and I was told not to drink alcohol but I continued to do so. Are these the signs of someone that’s dependent on alcohol?

Years later I learnt that 1-3 glasses of wine a week is normal, work saved me by giving me a regular time schedule and the doctors said that there’s no effect on my health with the amount of alcohol that I drink. I made mistakes though, I put partying to the point that I was hospitalised on top of an eating disorder first, it’s very easy to spiral out of control when you believe that what you’re doing is fine and okay.

I wish Demi all the best in her recovery and I wish that people would be more supportive and not so quick to judge her because she’s in the spotlight

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