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The 100 Episode 5×12 “Damocles: Part 1” Recap

One episode left before Season 5 ends and at least we can hope for our heroes to survive this. This episode was about everything going wrong right before everything goes right again. However, since no one died, we can still be worried about who does in the end. Gaia, Octavia, Echo, Bellamy, and Marcus are safe since they made it out alive in this episode. Who will it be then?

Warning: Spoilers from this point on.

marcusMarcus did betray Wonkru, but he was trying to do the right thing as he always does. McCreary is a worse enemy than Diyoza at this point while the latter seems to have come around thanks to Kane. However, McCreary will not accept Wonkru’s surrender. He would rather wipe them all out. But why is he so determined not to accept Wonkru’s surrender to live altogether peacefully? echoBellamy’s crew, Echo, Murphy, Emori, Raven and now also Shaw, are trying to find a way to save the remaining Wonkru from McCreary’s slaughter. The idea is to get Madi to lead the remaining Wonkru people that managed to survive the shootout. Of course, Murphy still has his new toy to help to succeed in this goal. We never actually learned everything around these weapons, but I am guessing they will still be around in Season 6 so we might get to know more. clarkeClarke is the only person I was mad about throughout this episode. She cares more about Madi instead of carrying about everyone. Bellamy is no different at this point, but at least he did not betray anyone so that Clarke would die. Additionally, Madi tries to do the right thing and help Wonkru, leading them to safety. However, Clarke puts a collar around her neck to prevent her from leaving. It is not like Hedas are even dying that easily. gaiaMeanwhile, Bellamy and Octavia are the only ones left alive after the slaughtering but are trapped there since anyone who rises goes back down dead again. They are trying to find a way out after informing Echo that they are still alive and need help. However, they also find Indra and Gaia somewhere wounded on the battlefield. Gaia is hurt bad but eventually decides not to give up for the sake of MadivinAbby is now sober trying to heal the entire crew McCreary leads. She is not willing to disclose Clarke her addiction to pills yet. However, she discusses with Marcus trying to calm him down about his decision of betraying Wonkru for “the greater good.” Little did she know that Vinson was right outside, spying on them. He later makes a move against Kane after reassuring him that he will continue bringing Abby her pills. We do not know if Marcus will survive this, but I am pretty sure he would have died already if the writers wanted him to. madiBellamy’s family finally arrive at the place where Madi is currently staying with Clarke. They try to take off her collar and lead her to Wonkru to rescue them. However, Clarke notices them and warns McCreary through her radio. He arrives with his men, takes Raven and Shaw hostages so that they can help him fire the missiles to the remaining Wonkru in the tents while keeps Echo also trapped so that she can tell him why she needs Madi. During their talk, Echo makes Clarke realize how much unreasonably she acts this Season. Finally, Clarke does the right thing breaking Echo free and letting Madi go along with them to help Wonkru. Clarke will stay behind to do her job from there. murphyOctavia might have been insanely annoying and slightly crazy throughout the entire Season, but she did the bravest and the most right thing ever in this episode. She was willing to die to save her people. What she said to Bellamy was the only thing I had never expected to hear her saying.

“My brother, my responsibility.”

For a minute there I thought she would, and if she did I would definitely stop watching the show because come on, it is Octavia. Fortunately, the writers did not want to kill her off, and right in the middle of this brave act, Bellamy’s crew along with Madi arrived to save them. It was indeed the best way to end this episode after all these unfortunate circumstances.

However, we still have to worry about Raven and Shaw who are captured by McCreary to help him release the missiles. Raven did not kill Shaw before McCreary’s men took him as he advised her to do. After five Seasons of The 100, I am convinced that the missiles will land on Wonkru. Every Season finale includes at least one explosion that puts us under frustration and leaves us hopeless. Let’s hope for the entire beloved cast to make it out alive from this. Clarke and Bellamy also need to figure things out, and more importantly, Bellamy needs to find out about Clarke’s messages. I am starting to wonder whether Echo will die for our ship Bellarke to finally become real.

Questions for you: Who will die in Season 5’s finale? Will Marcus make it out alive eventually? Are the missiles going to land on the remaining Wonkru? What happened to the worms? Will they live peacefully altogether in The Valley after they take down McCreary? What happens if The Valley gets destroyed during the war?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Wednesday with a full recap of The 100’s newest episode.


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