The 100 Episode 5×13 “Damocles: Part 2” Recap

I do not know what to say about the most epic Season Finale I have ever watched in any TV Show so far. Were the writers of The 100 planning to do that when they started making the first Season of the show? By the way, I am currently reading the third book of The 100 and those five whole Seasons were not even near the first two books, let alone the first one. And what about the fact that Bellarke is clear endgame?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

mccreaClarke manages to rescue Diyoza and starts negotiating with McCreary about those missiles he wants to throw upon the camps of Wonkru. She even shocks Raven with the collar to get what she wants. However, McCreary manages to throw another massive bomb up the only viable place left in the world, and the one everybody was fighting for this entire Season: The Valley. Thank you, asshole. hedaMeanwhile, Bellamy and his crew succeed in making it back to the camps. Octavia accepts Madi as the new leader of Wonkru and bows before her. They march towards the enemy and succeed in winning the fight. But Madi wants to kill the remaining prisoners of The Valley that chose to surrender. Of course, Bellamy shows us once again how much he has grown and learned from Clarke’s advises. And what a perfect tribute to the four previous Seasons was the speech he gave to her. They did terrible things to survive just like those prisoners did. murphyAfter McCreary fires that bomb, they have nine minutes until it hits the ground. The plan is for everybody to get on the spaceship and go to space since there is no other place on the planet to live. Murphy is hurt, but Monty and Emori manage to carry him back to the spaceship. Just before that, Bellamy finally learns about the messages Clarke was sending him for six whole years. Madi told him while trying to persuade him to forgive ClarkemarcusabbyGaia is also carried to the spaceship as she was hurt as well. Moreover, Octavia also goes to save Abby and Marcus. Marcus is still hurt bad, and Abby is trying to help him. Octavia declares to her that she is not there to take revenge for their betrayal back in the first episodes of the Season. She manages to bring both of them to the spaceship just in time. It is a good thing the writers did not choose to kill off one of these two characters since they are the only awesome adults left in the show. valleyWhen the spaceship finally takes off, and we see The Valley getting destroyed, they decide to put everyone in cryogenic for ten years. Gaia and Murphy are well, but Marcus is still struggling so cryo will practically save him at the moment. We got so many good moments between this incredible cast just before they go into cryo. Plus, Octavia admitted that she loved the power she was holding, and that was her big mistake. bellarkeeWhen I saw Clarke being the only one waking up, I thought I am going to rewatch the film “Passengers” again. When I saw Bellamy also waking up after her, I was sure I would be rewatching the “Passengers” from that point on. But then another person showed up, and for a minute there I thought that someone hijacked the spaceship somehow and that they are all going to die. jordanHarper and Monty had a baby during the time everybody else was in cryo. Unfortunately, it was not for ten years but 125 years instead. The most heartbreaking moment of the entire Season and I do not think anyone of us saw it coming. Monty was a hero throughout the entire Season 5, but still, I was never expecting him to become the only real hero ever made on a TV Show or movie. marperMarper stayed awake to work on how to save their people that were in cryo all this time. They had a child in the meantime, and they named him after Jasper, which was the best tribute to that astounding character the writers could ever think.

“That’s the way mom and dad wanted it.”

So, Jordan Jasper Green followed his parents’ orders and woke Bellamy and Clarke up to show them his parents’ footage. They were explaining that earth is no longer coming back, so they have to find another way for their people to survive. So they never went into cryo. marperrWatching those two getting older and living the life they have always wanted was emotional and heartbreaking. And our hero managed to find a solution that he, unfortunately, did not manage to live and experience himself.

“May we meet again.”

That solution was another viable planet that the prisoners’ crew was searching for all these years. A planet where The 100 can live in that also has two suns. Of course, the first thing that came to my mind was that there are going to be a lot of new enemies down there. But that was not even the most mind-blowing thing this episode had. bookWe finally got many Bellarke moments in the last episode of Season 5 and it is pretty evident that they are endgame. However, as the camera was zooming out of the two of them hugging each other while watching the new planet, the writers informed us that these five Seasons were the first book.

After they revealed the new planet to us, I was sure that everything from this point on would be like a reboot of the series. And it is if you think about it. If you also add to that what Bellamy said about what The 100 had to do in order to survive, it was as if he was giving tribute to the first part of the series before it ends. But I never thought that the writers would make it official in this last scene leaving us mind-blown. The good thing is that this is a sign that The 100 will go on for a lot more Seasons. Of course, many new enemies are coming so they might turn back to their older selves. I wish there was a new episode next week so we will not have to wait for a whole year for Season 6.

Questions for you: What are your thoughts about Season 5’s finale? What do you think will happen from this point on? What are The 100 going to find on that new planet? What happens if the new world has a decent civilization like the one we have in real life? Will this new planet be destroyed just like ours in the show? Will The 100 destroy it? How will the conditions of that planet be since it has two suns?

Leave your comments below.

I will see you next year with full recaps of The 100’s Season 6 episodes.

May we meet again.


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