The Sinner Episode 2×06 “Part VI” Recap

Last night’s episode was an apocalypse- at least for Vera’s past. We finally get to learn something from her dark past and about what really happened in Mosswood.

After the last episode’s session between Ambrose and Vera, their relationship becomes closer, and Vera seems to be starting to put her trust in Ambrose. After Ambrose finds a confession tape about what was going on in Mosswood, Vera decides to tell him the whole truth regarding Julian’s birth.


During the episode we see Marin giving birth to Julian, but we already knew that. The important part involves learning that Vera had –and has- a deeper connection with Julian. She was the one who breastfed him, took care of him and protected him when things in Mosswood got out of control. But –as you might already guess- Lionel is not happy at all with this. So Lionel takes the baby away, and this leads us to the scene where Vera may (or may not) had poisoned Lionel.

It’s maybe one of the few times where we are able to see a more human side of Vera. The development of her character and her change is really impressing. And once again –as we saw in season 1- this is because of Ambrose.

Now, in the present, the authorities have found a body at the bottom of the lake. We only assume that the body belongs to Marin who had disappeared some years before. After this, Heather doesn’t seem to be so well.

41039202_534090910348738_5212817659879489536_nVera’s huge confession to Ambrose leads him to D.A. Hutchinson and his involvement in Mosswood. So Ambrose convinces D.A. Hutchinson to take Julian out of family court.

Just before the episode comes to its end, we come across another confession, and this time it comes from Ambrose himself. He admits to Julian that he was the one who started the fire and burned down his house.


The episode closes –ONCE AGAIN- and the number of questions is rising. Julian is abducted by this enigmatic hooded figure. So is it real? And if so, WHO is it?


by Anna-Maria Chatzistilianou

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