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The Sinner Episode 2×07 “Part VII” Recap

Oh, did anyone say anything about revelations?


In this week’s episode, we finally get the answers we were looking for. “Part VII” revealed that Marin is not only alive and kicking, but she is also responsible for a lot of incidents that happened since the beginning.

But first things first: After Marin left Mosswood, she spent some years trying to deal with her own demons, i.e., drugs, going to rehab or even finding religion. When she finally managed to get over the past, she returned to Mosswood and told Vera that she wants Julian back but Vera –who had become Julian’s legal mother- refused. Marin didn’t stop trying, and she convinced Bess and Adam to kidnap Julian and meet her at Niagara Falls – and now we find ourselves in the beginning when all this started. This is how the storage unit, the lack of a bag for Julian and the hooded figure –aka Marin- are explained.


So back in the present Marin was also the one that took Julian from the foster home. She is taking him to the Five Nations Indian reservation on the Canadian-U.S. border and on the way she reveals him that she is his mother. Marin gets in touch with Heather and asks her for help. Heather tries to convince her to stop her plan and return with Julian but Marin’s decision is irreversible.


When Marin and Julian finally arrive there, Marin calls someone and informs him/her that they arrived. In the next scene, we see Ambrose and Heather on their way to the Five Nations Indian reservation searching for Marin. But when they get there, they find her dead.


So the main questions that we expect to be answered in the final episode of this season are: Who is the father of Julian? Whom did Marin call before she died? Did Julian kill Marin too? And the most important one: Is the beacon alive?

by Anna-Maria Chatzistilianou

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