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The Sinner Episode 2×08 “Part VIII” Recap

The last episode of The Sinner aired yesterday and…well let me putit  this way: It wasn’t what we were expecting.

The episode starts with information about Marin’s death. Ambrose informs Heather that an eyewitness saw Marin talking with a stranger before she was shot dead. And while everyone believed for a second that Marin was murdered, the medical examiner concluded that Marin was the one holding the gun when it went off.

While Heather and Ambrose are still in the crime scene, Brick calls them and says he’s found receipts for monthly payments made to Mosswood. Down the road policemen have surrounded a car that supposedly belongs to Vera, but in the car there’s only a henchman trying to distract the police while Vera tries to escape with Julian.

Untitled 1

So Heather and Ambrose return to the Police Station and Heather insists on questioning Vera’s henchman. But Captain Lidell doesn’t let her and sends her home. And so we reach to the point where Brick tells Ambrose that he found the receipts in Lidell’s desk.

While Ambrose is in PD and questions Captain Lidell about the receipts found in his desk, Heather is at Jack’s home and they are making a very intimate discussion. Jack asks her to spend the night there and wash her uniform. While loading the clothes, Heather found a key to Marin’s motel room in Jack’s pocket.

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The next morning Heather and Jack find Jack and they start asking questions. Jack says to Ambrose that he isn’t going to tell anything in front of his daughter. So Heather steps outside and Jack starts telling to Ambrose what really happened and why he deposited money to Vera. And to make long story short Jack approached Marin when she was just a teenager and had sex with her. And yes, he’s also Julian’s father…and yes Julian is Heather’s half-brother.

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After this revelation the truth is that nothing really mattered because I had already lost interest in the episode. The last minutes of the episode show us that Julian tells Vera that he doesn’t want to run away once again and that he wants to face up to his responsibilities, so he gets to trial, and then Ambrose defends him in front of the judge and then the judge decides that Julian will be placed in the custody of Social Services and spent the next four years in a group home for troubled youths. And the last scene of the episode shows Ambrose and Heather in car heading to Niagara Falls.

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I really think that after a very intense first season the second one didn’t meet our expectations. Of course there were some good episodes, of course there was mystery but the explanation of the mystery and the end had nothing to do with the first one. The series didn’t evolve, it got worse. Let’s hope that if there would to be a third season, it will be equal to the first one.






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