Riverdale Episode 3×01 “Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day” Recap

Here we are again. Riverdale’s Season 3 has started and there is only one year left before our babies graduate high school. I already love the theme of this new Season, but when did Riverdale go from a high school drama series to a spooky one filled with sacrifices, some kind of magic, and a cult? By the way, if you are interested in recapping the two previous Seasons, you do not have to since this episode pretty much did one in the first five minutes.

Our usual Warning: Spoilers from this point on.



In the summer that passed our four main protagonists had their own worries to care about instead of having fun and relaxing. They were helping Archie going through a trial for a crime he did not commit. All that because Hiram wanted to punish Veronica for choosing Archie instead of her family. Archie’s mother is his lawyer during the trial process, and he is so conveniently lucky to have a chance to go on vacation when the judge dismisses the jury for the sake of celebrating Labour Day Weekend.

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Betty’s family had to take care of their own issues during the summer as well. Alice and Polly –who is back on the show along with her twins– are seeing someone who is helping them go through the whole Hal thing. Alice is very pushy with Betty who does not want to accompany them and let Edgar-from-the-farm meddle in her life. But, she is also lying about seeing another doctor instead.


Cheryl and Toni spent the summer running on motorcycles, but now she is worried about not being able to help Archie as he helped her in the lake. She continues being a furious Serpent with her bow and arrow, by the way, while Archie also got a Serpent tattoo. Speaking of Archie, he asked Reggie to maintain the peace between the Bulldogs and the Serpents if he eventually goes to jail. He pointed out that the Red and Dark Circle are no more. Oh, and Josie had a summer fling with Sweet Pea.


When the Ghoulies stole Jughead’s dog, Hotdog, he planned a night attack against them to take him back. Of course, he let Betty come along too. Now that the Serpents do not own the Southside, things will probably get uglier during this Season. Penny Peabody also threatened to harm Betty to hurt Jughead. However, when things were about to become messy, Cheryl’s bow and arrow saved the day. I like badass Cheryl more than the previous vanilla-bitch Cheryl, to be honest.

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When Archie is back in the courthouse to find out the jury’s decision, they announce that they have not reached a verdict yet. This will cause a mistrial and Archie will have to go through the whole trial all over again. When the prosecutor offers him a deal instead, he takes it. He will have to spend two years in juvenile detention instead of jail. While he is taken to his new prison, Fred, FP, and Sheriff Keller team up to find a way to expose Hiram’s involvement in Archie’s frame to help Archie get out of prison.


Out of the entire episode, only one thing should worry us the most. What is up with these two last scenes anyway? Dilton becomes the creepy kid who warns Jughead about the Gargoyle King who is, apparently, real. He also left Jughead a piece of paper that had a weird drawing on one side and a map with a bizarre kind of language on the other side. Jughead manages to decrypt a part of the message on the map and runs to Fox Forest Park to find something that looked like a ritual that involved Dilton as well. At the same time, Alice and Polly were throwing the twins in the fire but, instead of burning up, they started floating on the air. No wonder Betty collapsed, but what is up with her too? Was she having some kind of seizure?


Season 3 finally started and Riverdale is going deeper into the darkest storylines ever. I still believe that the whole thing has to do with a cult, but when it comes to Riverdale, everything is possible. I have no idea who that Gargoyle King is, though. I guess that he is either human or a supernatural being. If it is the latter, then Riverdale will finally enter the whole supernatural theme the writers kept telling us about. I cannot wait to see what happens next anyway.

Questions for you: Will Archie spend a lot of time in prison? Is Hiram going to pay for everything that he has done up until now? What do you think is wrong with Betty? Do you think that the two “rituals” are somewhat connected? Who or what do you think is the Gargoyle King? Could it be that farm guy named Edgar? Is the whole magic theme of this Season connected with Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a full recap of our beloved Riverdale.


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