Riverdale Episode 3×02 “Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men’s Eyes” Recap

As the writers promised, the second episode of Riverdale’s Season 3 was better than the first one. It was like Pretty Little Liars and American Horror Story mixed up for one Riverdale episode. We did not get many answers regarding the core plot of this season, but we did learn some interesting truths behind the mystery of the Gargoyle King.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

mad dog

Archie’s first day in jail did not go as planned. The Serpents tattoo was not enough to make the Serpents prisoners include him in their group. Joaquin, who is also a prisoner there, informed the rest of his group that Archie is not a Serpent. Thanks to him, Archie got beaten up by the Ghoulies because he refused to shave one of them to get in the Serpents gang. But, his roommate, Mad Dog, looked interesting –and hot- and he could be a great additional character for the show. Mad Dog would move to another jail soon and stay there for another twenty years. What did he do to get such a long sentence anyway? Meanwhile, Veronica promised Archie that she would take his place as the school’s president, but Cheryl is also going after the same position.


Betty’s seizure was, supposedly, caused by the stress she was going through. Alice insists that the floating babies she saw were hallucinations. But, the daughter of Edgar-from-the-farm, Evelyn, gets into the same school our main protagonists go and she is more creepy than that Gargoyle King. She also confirmed to Betty that they were actually burning stuff outside of her house that night. Moreover, Bughead is back to investigations for old times’ sake. Dilton, who was one of the two kids Jughead found in the woods, died but the second one, Ben, is at the hospital. Both of them were found with their lips blue. When Bughead visited Ben, they found a weird talisman at the door of the hospital room he was in. They also found out that another kid is missing who was part of Dilton’s scouts’ group.


Archie, trying to stay alive in jail, proposes a football game to the prisoners where everybody can participate. Veronica brings the Vixens to the game to cheer them up, but Hiram is also invited because he is working with Captain Golightly of the prison. After the police ambush the match and beat every prisoner up, Captain Golightly says to Archie that Mad Dog was killed during the ambush when, in fact, he was not even there. Archie is now the Captain’s new informative. Hiram also informed Veronica that she will not be allowed to visit Archie in prison from now on. However, Cheryl finds her a fake identity, and Ronnie succeeds in revisiting Archie.


While Bughead is investigating the talisman –Ethel put it there, apparently- they find out that Dilton has a bunker in the woods. Plus, Ethel claims she and Ben are a couple. When they try to go there for the first time, they stumble upon a “thing” that looks like the Gargoyle King in Dilton’s drawing. They decide to go again in the daylight this time, and they discover that Ethel, Ben, and Dilton were playing a game involving one bottle of poison that they believe Dilton drank and that is why he is dead. The bunker also had drawings and coins with the Gargoyle King on them. Furthermore, the missing scout kid was also hiding in the bunker.

game poison

When Bughead confronts Ethel with what they discovered, they tell her that everything was a game and that she is not even together with Ben. Ethel tries to give them some information about the Gargoyle King, but she has a seizure in the middle of it –another seizure in this Season. Of course, Evelyn was lurking in the corner of the room, watching the whole scene. I strongly believe that both the Gargoyle King and Edgar-from-the-farm are connected somehow. After that, Bughead revisits Ben and find him standing on the window. He jumped right after telling them that he is not afraid to ascend and that he will be reunited with Ethel in the Kingdom. Am I the only one who believes that there is actually a human being hiding behind the whole Gargoyle King, making people think that he exists and all that salvation stuff?


The most exciting event of this episode, however, was the meet-up of the parents. They were the ones that did something when they were young that has to do with the Gargoyle King issue. More exciting is the fact that they made a pact not to speak about it again or go back to “that place.” What place? What did they do? Parents, please, stop doing weird stuff when you are young that will put your children in danger in the future.

The minute I saw the scene with the parents, I thought that maybe we would get to have a flashback episode of the parents in high school. Then I saw the pictures from the flashback episode that will actually happen, and I got even more excited. I cannot wait to watch what happens next with Season 3’s plot that is already an interesting one.


Questions for you: What do you think the parents did that has to do with Riverdale’s current situation? When is Hiram’s game-over going to occur? How will Archie handle the situation at the prison? Will he ever get out of there? Do you think that the farm and the Gargoyle King are connected? Do you think that we have to do with something supernatural or is there a logical explanation?


Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a full recap of our beloved Riverdale.


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