Sunday Shorts: A little consideration will go a long way​

No matter who you are, what you’re doing or how much you earn manners cost nothing. There are over 16 billion people on the planet and it’s insane how the act of strangers can have a roll-on effect. The man that you’re speaking to terribly on the phone because the company he works for and does not own will have a bad day because of the way you’re talking to him. He then may go home and talk to his wife poorly because he’s had a bad day.

Now I’m not talking about speaking to someone so badly that it’s considered abuse, but I am talking about those small passive aggressive words that people can say and do without even thinking about it. Those words that later on you say “But I didn’t say it like that” and the day would have been different if you’d have spoken to someone a little bit nicer.

Now the whole point of these Sunday Shorts is that we talk about one thing that you could do that won’t take you any more time but will help you and others feel better. So next time a store hasn’t sent you something or the car insurance is cheaper on the site last week that it is this week when you phone up just give them a good morning or hello and then say:

I know it’s not your fault but I’m hoping that you could help me ….

“Consider every choice carefully, no matter how small, for it will affect the bigger decisions you make.”
Jim George

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