Riverdale Episode 3×03 “Chapter Thirty-Eight: As Above, So Below” Recap

No wonder Season 3 of Riverdale is inspired by True Detective’s Season 1 –in this episode, there was also a reference to that breathtaking TV-Show by Cheryl. A more dangerous Dungeons & Dragons game is entering the small town of Riverdale, and one of our main protagonists has already played it. Veronica is going against Hiram, Archie is in huge trouble in prison, and Betty still has to deal with The Farm.

Warning: Spoilers everywhere


veroVeronica’s New Bar

The idea of opening up an underground bar below Pop’s for the Serpents and everyone else who wants to have some fun was the way Veronica was showing her dad about the power she has. But, first, she had some troubles with Penny Peabody and the Sheriff’s Department. Penny showed up to offer protection for Veronica’s new bar. Of course, the answer was an obvious “No” that led Penny delivering boxes of Jingle-Jangle to Veronica’s bar.

Shortly after, the new Sheriff shows up wanting to inspect the place. Thankfully, Reggie gets rid of the “stuff,” but Veronica still wants to do something about all these. She, along with Cheryl and Toni, go into Hiram’s bar to take pictures of the Ghoulies in action. They have turned the bar into a Jingle-Jangle lab. Veronica uses the photographs to blackmail Hiram, saying that she will deliver them to the FBI. At the night of the bar’s opening party, Hiram visits it to support his daughter. Was that real or does he have other intentions?



Archie and The Pitpiitt

Refusing to become Captain Golightly’s new Mad Dog, Archie ends up in the solitary confinement. After watching Joaquin getting beaten up in The Pit –the place where the Captain wants to put Archie, too- he becomes the new Mad Dog and successfully knocks out his opponent with a single punch.

However, the guards prefer to watch a show instead of such a short fight. After giving them what they want, Archie receives a lot of treats –the perk of being Captain’s Mad Dog. Among them, there is a bottle of rum labeled with Hiram’s name, which reminded Archie how he ended up in there. While wrecking his room down out of anger, he discovers the “Count of Monte Christo” book, which belonged to the missing Mad Dog. He, then, comes up with the idea of escaping the prison. Will this be how Archie will get out of this place?



Betty and The Farmfarm

Betty is still investigating the truth behind Edgar and The Farm. She fakes being interested in becoming a member of Edgar’s group and tells Evelyn that she wants them to help her with her seizures. By the way, Evelyn has made a Farm group inside the school where students would go there and talk about their problems.

When Betty returns to her house, she finds another group gathered in her living room, ready to hear Betty’s problems –including the stuff involving murders. But, she has to go through some stages before meeting Edgar –which was the whole point behind Betty’s involvement with The Farm. Alice is also there and confirms Evelyn’s saying that they all know about the disposal of the body Alice and Betty did in Season 2. Betty gets mad, but when she asks for answers, Alice says that Betty is not ready for The Farm after all. Is it just me or that cult has nothing to do with our problem with the Gargoyle King? Who is Edgar and what is The Farm?


Jughead plays Griffins & Gargoylesgngg

After approaching Ethel along with Betty to find out more about the Gargoyle King, Jughead states that he wants to be part of the whole thing. Ethel confirms that he is worthy but rejects Betty saying that she is not. Jughead plays the game of Griffins & Gargoyles aiming to get a hold of The Rulebook –the book that makes you play the game to ascend successfully and all.

During the game, Jughead has to drink from a random cup filled with the blue liquid, which he does. Fortunately, he does not die like the rest of the kids, but he has to kiss Ethel before acquiring the book. While he is taking a peek at The Rulebook, Ethel drinks from the other cup and ends up in the hospital, restrained so that she will not attempt to commit suicide ‘again.’ Is Jughead going to get affected by the ‘ritual’ he went through somehow?



The Game Beginsrulebook

When FP and Alice find The Rulebook in Jughead’s stuff, they get angry and tell Betty and Jughead that the book is dangerous. They refuse to explain how they know about the book, the Gargoyle King, and the game. Although they did burn the book, we see Ethel in the hospital talking to the Gargoyle King and telling him that she spread his gospel.

The next morning, Jughead arrives at school to find every student with a Rulebook in their hands. Everyone will be playing Griffins & Gargoyles by the end of the week. How many people will die before the parents spill out their secret?




A cult, a little bit of Prison Break, and now a game? This Season looks way better than the previous one. I still think that The Farm is a whole other story that has nothing to do with the Gargoyle King. And, we still need to learn what causes the seizures. So many questions.


Questions for you: What do you think Hiram is cooking up with Veronica’s bar and Archie? If Archie escapes, do you think he will have to hide until the truth comes out? What do you think is going on with The Farm? How can they stop the game after it begins?


Leave your comments below as we are waiting for the next episode.

I will be back on Thursday the 8th of November with a full recap of our beloved Riverdale.



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