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Riverdale Episode 3×04 “Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club” Recap

The flashback episode we have been waiting is here, sooner than we expected it. Apparently, the apple does not fall far away from the tree since everyone is a little version of the “bad sides” of their parents now. It was an exciting episode that gave us a little clearance when it comes to what happened when everyone’s parents were young and in high school. The fact that the entire story was unfolding through Alice’s narration to Betty was even more impressive and essential for such a fantastic flashback. And, our main protagonists did an excellent job portraying their parents

Warning: Spoilers everywhere


Before they meetfpfred

After Hermione Lodge announces that the students are not allowed to play Griffins & Gargoyles, Betty asks her mother about the whole truth behind this game. Alice starts narrating everything, and as we already knew, she was a rebel back in high school. The story begins with her taking a pregnancy test and finding out that she is pregnant. Hermione and Sierra find her in the bathroom and what we have always been guessing about Alice’s first child is revealed to us: the child is FP’s.


When Penelope Blossom walks in the bathroom, a fight starts between her and Alice while at the same time FP and Fred strip and start running naked inside the school. Those two ridiculously childish behaviors get them all in detention.


Playing Griffins & Gargoylesdetention

The first time Penelope, Hermione, Alice, Fred, Sierra, and FP meet each other is during their detention. After playing their first game of Secrets and Sins, they learn a lot about each other.

Penelope’s parents want her to date her brother, Clifford, with whom they are not related by blood since she grew up at the Sisters of Quite Mercy and then she was adopted by the Blossoms. Hermione’s mother does not accept Hiram being her boyfriend. Fred wants to take care of his dad. FP gets bitten by his dad because he refuses to become a Serpent. Sierra is secretly dating Tom Keller. And, Alice keeps her pregnancy a secret. During one of their days in detention, they break into their teacher’s desk, find the game of Griffins & Gargoyles, and they start playing it.




The Obsession with The Gamerolepla

Even after detention, the group remains together, secretly meeting at nights and playing the role-playing game. They are also secretly involved with each other: FP dates Alice and Fred dates Hermione –before that, Fred shared a kiss with Alice, just like Betty and Archie, yes.


One of those nights, while doing a quest, they find out that there are others who are also playing the game: Tom Keller, Marty Mantle, Hiram Lodge, and Dylan Doiley. After that, they join forces, and they find an invitation to a party in their lockers, and that is when the dark things start to happen.




The Ascension Partyparty

During the party, we find out about the fact that they called their group The Midnight Club. They also had a band where Fred, Sierra, Alice, and Hermione were singing. That night, they decide to take some drugs. When everyone is stoned, doing irrational things inside a classroom, Alice is the only one who becomes sick of their actions. While she is in the bathroom, she finds two goblets with a message written in all the bathroom walls. She decides not to take a sip and runs away only to stumble on the Gargoyle King before leaving the party for good.

The next morning, Alice finds out that Fred’s dad died the night they were at the party. Furthermore, Principal Featherhead is missing from school. Weeks pass without finding him. But, the smell of his corpse, which was hidden inside the school, helps them discover his body. He was found inside a wardrobe with his lips blue and with the weird symbols we keep seeing written on the door.

Separate Waysdiner

After that, the group gathers and find out that neither Penelope nor Dylan were the ones who sent the invitations to the Ascension Party to the group. They also find out about the Gargoyle King Alice saw and the goblets that were all over school that night. Because of the death of the Principal and all the weird things that were happening, they make A Pact not to speak to anyone or each other about this game ever again.

That was when everyone went back to their “good” selves we already know. Penelope stopped going against the rules and decided to date Clifford like her parents wanted her to do. Fred burned his guitar and decided to do construction work like his dad. Hermione continues to date Hiram despite her mother’s disapproval. Sierra and Tom break up, almost promising that they will end up being together, some time in the future when they are older. FP joins the Serpents, and Alice throws away her leather jackets and meets Hal in the hallways of the school.


Jughead Plays The Game Againplain

When Alice finishes her narration, she makes Betty promise that she will never play Griffins & Gargoyles. Betty agrees and then goes to school to find the goblets that also had the usual symbol written below them.


She then runs to the bunker to find Jughead to tell him all about what her mother told her. Unfortunately, she sees him playing Griffins & Gargoyles, and he has become more weirdo than he already is since he shouts at her that he will meet him, a.k.a. The Gargoyle King.





This episode was a must for the series regardless of its content. We have always wanted to see the parents while they were young and, to see them acting just like their kids are acting now, was even more hilarious –and a bit disgusting when it comes to the couples they had formed. What will happen now that everyone is playing this game, though? And what is up with this game anyway?


Questions for you: Do you think Jughead will get in trouble with the game? Do you also believe that those symbols we keep seeing are some kind of language? Will Betty play the game eventually in spite of her promise to Alice? Do you think that the Gargoyle King is real?    


Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a full recap of our beloved Riverdale.


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