Riverdale Episode 3×05 “Chapter Forty: The Great Escape” Recap

Okay, so, everything happening in Riverdale from this point on is Gryphons & Gargoyle’s quest and well planned so that anyone who is playing it will be able to meet the Gargoyle King and ascend. Archie’s escape plan is another quest and one team bets against him while the other one bets on him. Whoever loses has to drink the blue liquid. But, why do I get the feeling that Hiram is the master of the game since the time he was playing with the parents and up until now?

Warning: The article contains spoilers


Jughead’s Crazinessdoll

Betty reaches out to Jughead to tell him all about Alice’s story, but he is acting crazy after having played the game for – apparently- a long time. Jughead’s obsession with the game takes him far to the point where he refuses to let Sweet Pea and Fangs bring the game to the real world. Since he is the Game Master now, he is the one who gets to decide that. And, it is not long until he does it.

Meanwhile, Betty accepts the fact that she cannot rely on Jughead to help her investigate their parents and, therefore, she asks for Reggie’s, Josie’s, and Kevin’s help. However, she does not reveal to them that a murder took place when their parents were playing Gryphons & Gargoyles. Eventually, Kevin, Josie, and Reggie decide to investigate that all by themselves. Before Kevin and Josie decide to do that, though, they learn from their parents that they are lying to them. They did not reveal to them that they knew each other since high school or that they were together for a short time.


The Escape Planmaddog

Betty’s investigation is interrupted by Veronica’s desire to get Archie out of jail. Archie already attempted to escape the prison unsuccessfully, which led Warden Norton to place a symbol on his body as a punishment. Later on, it is revealed that the symbol is one of the runic symbols we keep seeing throughout this Season and it is connected to the game.

Before his “final fight,” Archie is invited to have dinner with Warden Norton. Warden tells him all about how Hiram managed to frame him and get him in jail. Of course, it involved bribing the right people to lie about having seen Archie stabbing the burglar from Season 2.



Quest: Kill The Red Paladinred paladin

In the meantime, Veronica’s plan involves breaking Archie out during one of his fights in the pit. As it turns out, Archie will have to fight against Mad Dog, who is alive. Before the battle, however, Joaquin gives Archie a kiss and then stabs him with a knife telling him that he had to do that to ascend. So, is everybody playing the game in this town no matter where they are?

While the great escape is taking place, every step Betty, Ronnie, Reggie, Kevin, and Josie have to make to break Archie out of prison successfully is narrated by Jughead through the quest of the game. Archie is the Red Paladin, and Jughead’s team has bet on him escaping the prison successfully. But, there is one person who had to kill Archie in order to ascend and that is Warden Norton. In the end, Jughead’s team wins, and Archie is kept in the bunker until they find a way to clear his charges for good.


Jughead Meets The Gargoyle Kinggargoyle king

Jughead might have bet right on the Red Paladin escaping but, Warden, on the other hand, had to kill him. He did have the chance to do it, but we do not know why he did not. Instead, he is the one who has to take a sip from the goblet with the blue liquid. He ends up dying right before we take a glimpse of the game, which he kept in his desk.

Since Jughead made the right call and bet on Archie to escape, we see him going into the woods and coming face to face with the Gargoyle King. Did he manage to ascend and meet the Gargoyle King or is this some kind of a coincidence? If it is the real deal, will he meet the guy behind the mask or is he going to get into trouble instead?



Since Hiram is the key to Archie’s total freedom, all I can think about is that Hiram was and is the Master of Gryphons & Gargoyles. He has to be the one who planned everything back when the parents were playing the game, too. After all, he was the “bad guy” back then, and he still is. Furthermore, if Betty and Jughead succeed in finding out who the Master is and who killed the Principal back in the day, they will be able to put him in jail and get rid of him. If Hiram is out of the picture, Archie is free, Hiram is in prison like we all want and, hopefully, the game stops before somebody else is killed. That would be, indeed, too convenient, but I think this is where all this is heading.



Questions for you: Do you also think that Hiram is the Master? Do you think that, out of all the parents, he must be the one who killed the Principal? What do you think will happen to Jughead now that he is so deep into the game? Do you think that Archie will be caught again since he is hidden inside Riverdale where the cops are looking for him?


Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

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