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Riverdale Episode 3×06 “Chapter Forty-One: Manhunter” Recap

Did we just witness the death of one of the two main characters who were supposed to die in this Season of Riverdale? But then again, does that person count as a main in this show? Many of us liked him a lot -that is true. However, I cannot say that he was a main character of Riverdale. The mystery, though, is slowly starting to unfold and there is no doubt we are already suspecting what is going on with the Gargoyle King and everything revolving around him.


Warning: Spoilers from this point onwards


The Parents Are Lyinghiram

Jughead saw the Gargoyle King in the woods in the previous episode along with some other people who were wearing weird masks and were gathered around him. After telling Betty about it, she decides to send GnG invitations to the kids’ parents who were playing the game in the past.  When the parents arrive in Veronica’s new bar, Betty wants to know who put the cyanide in the goblets that night.


Penelope Blossom tells her story about Daryl Doiley being in love with her in the past and then committing suicide years after. She also said that they were the ones who sent the invitations to the parents back then. Later on, it was revealed that Daryl did not commit suicide. He was murdered with a flower called oleander, which is growing in greenhouses. Tom Keller knows who might have done it, but he never told Betty. It was not Penelope; it is too obvious and convenient. Someone made it look like it was her and I do not think that it was Hiram either.

The Edited Interrogation Videotapesintero

While Bughead is trying to find out who is behind the game and the murders, Veronica keeps searching for evidence that will free Archie and prove his innocence. She luckily finds out that the interrogation tapes of the supposed witnesses were edited, hiding parts of what was told to them before they agree to frame Archie.


She finds the original videotapes inside her mother’s laptop right before the police put her in jail for breaking into the Mayor’s office. When she gets out, she informs her parents that she successfully found out about the tapes and is planning to send them to the judge to free Archie.



Jughead Finds Some More Clueshoakin

In order to learn more about Warden’s suicide, Jughead interrogates Joaquin who was also playing the game. He tells Jughead that Warden was receiving cards that were telling him what to do. Joaquin got involved because he wanted to get out of jail. The person who was sending the cards to Warden wanted Archie dead. He also told Jughead that the weird symbol that was carved on Archie’s body means “sacrifice.”

When Jughead gets back home, FP chains him inside the house on the fridge because he thinks he is addicted. After escaping thanks to Betty’s help, he visits Hiram to confront him about the cards. Hiram refuses everything and points out other potential suspects of the murder happened in the past, like Hal Cooper, Clifford Blossom, Tom Keller, and FP. When Jughead goes back to the Serpents, he finds out a message sent to them. It was Joaquin’s dead body that also had blue lips and the “sacrifice” symbol carved on his forehead.


The Attack On Betty’s Housegk paintings

Betty confronts her mother again about Dylan Doiley’s death. She was the one who wrote a fake article back then saying that he committed suicide by inhaling carbon monoxide instead of writing about him being murdered. Right before Alice confesses another thing, the lights go out, and the Gargoyle King rises inside Betty’s living room. Both of them go upstairs to Betty’s bedroom to find Dylan Doiley’s tombstone that now has their names on.

On this moment, FP climbs up Betty’s window in search of his son since he had escaped from the cuffs he had put on him. When the terror passes, Alice sends Betty to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, just like she had done with Polly and just as her parents did to her. When Betty arrives at the Sisters, she is told that she will be safe there only to find out that every child in there is making drawings of the Gargoyle King. Is it just me or was that whole scene in Betty’s house planned by Alice and FP, including her “imprisonment” in the Sisters of Quiet Mercy?

Archie Leaves Riverdalearchie2

Archie is having trouble accepting the fact that people were hurt during their attempt to save him. He even found dead kids inside a cave he guesses the Sheriff shot while he was searching for him. By the way, Gargoyle King’s drawing was also inside that cave on the walls. What is up with this town?


Even after Veronica succeeds in freeing him with the evidence she found, Archie refuses to come back because Hiram will always try to hurt him as long as he is with her. He decides to leave Riverdale and, thankfully, Jughead tags along to help him since the carve on his body means “sacrifice.”



With Betty trapped and Jughead going away, who is going to solve the mystery behind the murders and the Gargoyle King? Even worse, who is going to save Betty from the Sisters of the Quiet Mercy? I am guessing that Veronica will be busy crying over losing Archie in the next three or so episodes so she will not care about solving the mystery either. Will it be Cheryl to pay back the favor? I am also starting thinking that Edgar’s cult has something to do with the seizures but not with the Gargoyle King. And, I also feel that even FP might be the Gargoyle King. He was too sketchy in this episode.


Questions for you: What is your theory about the Gargoyle King? Do you think that Falice planned the scenery inside the Coopers’ house? Where will Jughead and Archie go? Will they be absent from Riverdale for a long time? Do you think Joaquin was one of the two main protagonists who was going to die this Season? If so, who do you think will be the second one?


Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a full recap of our beloved Riverdale.



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