Riverdale Episode 3×07 “Chapter Forty-Two: The Man in Black” Recap

I loved this episode’s excellent cinematography and the fantastic setting of every character’s whereabouts. And -as I was guessing- Betty broke her promise to Jughead and she is worshipping the Gargoyle King now –against her will, yes, but still. Archie is becoming dumber each episode, and the writers are forcing us to accept Veggie as a new upcoming ship due to their real-life relationship.

Warning: Spoilers all over the place


The Man in Blackjug

Jughead and Archie are wandering on the streets for days when they finally find a weird farm where two girls give them food and shelter right before they give them up to Hiram Lodge. Of course, that was once again Archie’s fault, who not only did he almost hook up with one of the girls, but he also told her his real name. Archie, please, find a brain to work on –and I do not mean Jughead’s one.

While Archie is busy making out with girls and betraying his friend, Jughead is in Cole Sprouse’s natural habitat, holding a camera, investigating. He finds out that GnG is spread even outside of Riverdale –if it gets in Greendale, I will freak out with the epic crossover I just created in my head- and it has ties to some weird candies called “Fizzle Rocks.” Jughead guesses well that Hiram, GnG, and those candies are connected somehow. Of course, there are more connections between these things shown in this episode, but be patient.


The Casinoveronica

Veronica moves out of her house after correctly guessing that Minetta is probably dead -just when she figured out that he is corrupted. Due to The Bar’s steadiness, she decides to turn it into a casino for one night. To achieve that, she partners up with Elliot, who is a compulsive gambler and thinks Veronica has a weak character.

Luckily for Ronnie, her father has a plan for her to get out of the mess she made in case Elliot decides to pull a trick –which he does. After finding out that Elliot is cheating in a Black Jack game, she proves to him that the house always wins and gets away with the money she needed for her Bar. But, her success is quickly forgotten when she finds out that Minetta is dead, indeed. He was found decapitated with his hands sawed off. Good-boy Hiram did his evil tricks again.




The Saviorsavior

And, here is all the beauty of this episode’s editing and direction when we find Betty trying to prove to the Sisters that she is not insane by lying about what she truly sees in the pictures they show her. Her goal is to investigate the place and get out of there the same way Ronnie broke Cheryl out in the past. At this point, she finds out about the Fizzle Rocks the Sisters are giving to the patients instead of their real treatment. Instead of taking the candies, she throws them into the garbage bin right before Ethel enters her room to announce her that she is her new roommate.

I loved the fact that we could hear every single thought of Betty throughout this episode, not because of her sarcasm, but mainly because it was like listening to my own thoughts –and, please, do not ship Ethel and Jughead, it is weird. Betty finds out that the candies are delivered to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy through Claudius Blossom and the Blossoms’ Maple Syrup business. At the same time, Hiram arrives at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy –seriously, this guy is everywhere. Unfortunately for Betty, they force the candies down her throat because she tried to escape the same way Cheryl did in the past. Then, they bring her to The Chamber where they take all the patients, to meet the Gargoyle King. After that, Betty stops lying about what she sees in the drawings and starts worshipping the Gargoyle King as her savior. And that is what I call “a freaking-awesome directing job.” Plus, why has no one realized yet that Betty is missing?


Apart from the great detail in this episode and the fantastic work on its technical parts, this episode was also connected to the way Season 2 ended. If you recall, Hiram, Penelope, Hermione, Claudius, and Minetta were gathered up to talk about a plan they had for Riverdale. Maybe that was Hiram’s plan all along; to bring GnG back, give people the candies so that they will hallucinate of the Gargoyle King so that he could be able to do his dirty business and manipulate everybody in town. Now, we see all of his gang being involved in the whole thing, and we have yet to meet Edgar from The Farm, too. Plus, we will finally meet Jellybean and Jughead’s mom in the next episode, for which I am excited about. Aren’t you?


Questions for you: Why Hiram, of all things, would want to bring GnG back to achieve his plans? Is anybody going to realize that Betty is in trouble? Is Betty going crazy? Do you think that the Gargoyle King is a hallucination or somebody in a suit? Will the farm be involved with Hiram’s scams too?


Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a full recap of Riverdale.



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