Riverdale Episode 3×08 “Chapter Forty-Three: Outbreak” Recap

Okay, so; We got so many answers during the midseason finale of Riverdale’s Season 3 while even more questions have now risen. Hiram’s plan is now exposed but also in motion, Veronica and Cheryl are going against it, Betty is working on escaping from the Sisters of the Quiet Mercy, and Jughead and Archie are meeting Jughead’s mom and sister.


Warning: Spoilers ahead


Hiram’s Plan


A massive seizure went down at Riverdale High, making the Vixens disappear while setting Hiram’s plan in motion at the same time. Veronica and Cheryl fail to confront Hiram about the truth behind the Fizzle Rocks that seem to be coming from the old Southside High Hiram shut down last year to make it a prison. Hiram decides to set Riverdale High under quarantine until they allegedly find out the cause and the so-called patient zero. Right when Penelope is about to spill something out, she also has a seizure. I laughed out loud when I saw Cheryl’s reaction to that compared with her response during the seizure of the Vixens.

In the meantime, Veronica finds out that Betty is at the Sisters, but she and Cheryl have to find out more about Hiram’s bigger plan. They interrogate Penelope and discover that Hiram plans on turning Riverdale into a town where illegal activities will enrich its citizens –including drug dealing and prostitution. Unfortunately, the girls fail to stop Hermione from calling out the total shut down of Riverdale.



Gladys’ and Jellybean’s Help


While the girls are focused on saving Riverdale, Jughead and Archie visit Jughead’s mom and sister to stay there for a while. I loved both Gladys and Jellybean, although Gladys’ plastic surgeries were too much for her pretty face. While they think they are safe there, Penny Peabody appears and grabs Archie to take him to Hiram. Jellybean knocks her down with a slingshot right before Gladys starts questioning her. I felt such joy when she also did to her what she did to Jughead.

Jughead’s and Archie’s stay there is short since Hiram has a target on every person’s back who helps Archie. FP takes Jughead back to Riverdale while Archie dyes his hair back to his natural color and leaves with his dog right after saying goodbye to his dad. When FP and Jughead arrive at Riverdale, the officers do not let them pass since the whole town is under quarantine.



The Truth behind The Gargoyle King and GnG


At the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, Betty is making the sisters think that she is taking the Fizzle Rocks they give her –which means that, thank God, she has not lost her mind. Instead of Cheryl being the one breaking her out, she is planning on escaping by herself after taking the answers she wants. She locks Ethel inside the Gargoyle King room to show her that he is a hallucination. Ethel is pretty upset when she finds out that he is only a statue but agrees to help Betty figure out what is going on in that place. Together, they interrogate Sister Woodhouse and find out that GnG was a game the girls who are patients there invented a while back because they were scared of that statue.

They named the statue the Gargoyle King, which was something that helped the sisters take care of the girls easier since they would behave while playing the game and worshipping him. Hiram supposedly helped with that by delivering the Fizzle Rocks there for the girls to take it. After finding out all the above, they make a quest for the girls that would motivate them to escape from the Sisters of the Quiet Mercy.



Considering that Hiram was also seeing the Gargoyle King at the end of the episode, so many theories have come to my mind. He cannot be hallucinating the Gargoyle King since he knows that the Fizzle Rocks are causing those hallucinations –why would he take them? Either the Gargoyle King is real, or Hiram is crazier than we thought, and maybe, at some point, he passed from the Sisters of the Quiet Mercy, found out about the game, brought it to Riverdale High back in the day, but continued being crazy and thinking that he is real. But, if the Gargoyle King is a real person, who is behind that costume? Maybe Edgar from The Farm?



Questions for you: What do GnG and the Gargoyle King have to do with Hiram? How will Veronica and Betty manage to save Riverdale now that Jughead and Archie are not there? Did you also like Jellybean and Gladys? What are your thoughts about Veggie that we will see happening in the next episode?


Leave your comments below as we are waiting for the next episode.

I will be back on January 16th with a full recap of Riverdale.



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