Yes. Not one, not two, but, four different Christmases will get you in the Christmas mood for these holidays.

The 2008 comedy film “Four Christmases” is a classic Christmas movie you should watch just in case you have not already. Seth Gordon, known for his work in “Identity Thief,” “Horrible Bosses,” and “Baywatchdirected these four weird Christmases. He also had a little help from Jon Lucas in the screenplay, known for “Hangover Part II,” “The Change-Up,” and “Bad Moms.”

Brad (Vince Vaughn,  “True Detective,” “The Internship,” “Starsky & Hutch,”) and Kate (Reese Witherspoon,  “Big Little Lies,” “American Psycho,” “Sweet Home Alabama) are together for three years, but they do not intend to get married whatsoever. Christmas morning, they plan on visiting Fiji, but they tell their parents (who are all four divorced) that they will do charity work and they cannot visit them. Unfortunately, something goes completely wrong, and their parents find out the truth. Now, they have to visit all four of them on the holidays.

“Four Christmases” is the hilarious comedy film that will get you in the Christmas mood immediately. Moreover, it is nothing like the rest of the Christmas movies. It has its unique storyline, and if you think that you are going to watch something ordinary full of cliché lines, you are entirely mistaken. However, the best part that makes this film special is that it is based on real-life situations any one of us could find themselves into -well, almost. If you have divorced parents, you should know better what I mean by that.

On the other hand, Vaughn and Witherspoon have the best chemistry, which is essential to this film since it holds a little bit of romance too from time to time. Behind all the funny, inappropriate and unfortunate events of “Four Christmases,” there is that bond these two have that helps them overpass everything and mature in a cute way together and as individuals. Never having met your partner’s parents is adding to the overall hilarity and the chemistry of these two incredible actors.

Four Christmases” is the only film I recommend you should watch these holidays. Four different situations and four different people make four different Christmas movies. Check it out and Merry Christmas, everybody!



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