Riverdale Episode 3×10 “Chapter Forty-Five: The Stranger” Recap

As it was evident during the previous episode, the old Archie is dead and gone, and we are already witnessing the new, bad Archie. Despite being a rather dull episode, this one gave us some answers and brought us closer to our dreams of Hiram’s takedown. And, let’s not forget the back-to-reality call of the actual age of our protagonists and the sudden but yet pleasant appearance of the real Black Hood.

Warning: Spoilers from this point on


Say “Hello” to the New Archie Andrews


After the bear attack, Archie survives after mentally killing his old self and makes his sudden appearance in front of Veronica, who has something to hide. And, what does she do the day after the night he spent with Reggie? She sleeps with Archie. Good call, Veronica. Yes, the abs can be tricky, but, do not forget your dignity, girl.

So, Archie has to prepare for the SATs, but he has limited time. When he gets cold feet, he steps out of the classroom and never comes back. That is why I was sure of his guiltiness when it comes to who shot Hiram. That, and his excitement afterward even though he had also just broken up with Veronica. He also found out about Veggie when Reggie acted like an idiot and spilled out everything to him. However, the brand new Archie Andrews drinks, rages, hallucinates of killing people and apparently has PTSD.

Hiram Gets Played


The minute Archie is back, Fred and FP visit Hiram to warn him about the consequences in case he tries to harm him. Since Riverdale has no Sheriff after the death of Minetta, Hiram appoints Claudius Blossom as the new one. When FP arranges a meeting with Hiram to take him down, he sends Claudius instead. But, that is not all.

While Hiram is on the phone in his office, someone shots him from outside and puts him into a comma. Later on, we learn that Claudius is also dead and Hermione appoints FP as the new Sheriff of Riverdale. I hope Hiram stays like this for a long time, but I doubt he will. FP, on the other hand, is a very hot Sheriff. Could this mean that The Serpents will see better days under his watch?

The Old Gargoyle King


After finding out that Alice has given her college money to The Farm, Betty tries to turn things around to make things right for her future. She finds out that her mother forged Hal’s signature to give the money to The Farm, so she decides to visit him and convince him to admit that he never signed the paper. This is the moment where we got too much information out of nowhere.

It turns out that Hal lied to Betty about sending the invitations to the Midnight Club for the Ascension Night and he also lied about being the old Gargoyle King. The minute we thought that Hal is a key, everything went crumbling down because of his evilness. I love him, but at that moment I hated him so much. Also, Penelope kept visiting him posing as Alice. By the way, The Farm bought a new facility to live in with Betty’s money, and they also pulled some strings so that Alice could take on a new job she so much desired. After losing her hopes about her family, Betty decides to keep visiting Hal to talk to him about her issues.

The New Gargoyle King Reveal

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Fangs infiltration in the Gargoyle Gang went well, and the Gargoyle King wanted to put him in his gang. The night Fangs was going to become one of them, The Serpents made their appearance and revealed to us the person behind the Gargoyle costume. It turns out that it was Tall Boy, who is still alive and well. The Serpents capture him to trick Hiram into meeting them. They used Archie as a decoy since Hiram would not meet the Gargoyle King if he did not have something Hiram wanted terribly.

After that plan went wrong, Fangs and Sweet Pea do something stupid, partly because Tall Boy told them before that he was the one who killed Joaquin. They kill Tall Boy by accident. Jughead has to do something to cover it up, so he decides to throw a party for The Serpents. When he sees that FP is the new Sheriff, he seems a little worried. But, why? Is it because he is suspicious of FP working with Hermione? And, what is up with this weird relationship anyway?


We might not know who was the old Gargoyle King, but now we know who is the new one. It was a bit disappointing, and that is why I am sure that there is more to it or that somebody else might also be the Gargoyle King. I am still very suspicious of FP when it comes to the whole Gargoyle King issue because he has been very sketchy throughout this Season. And, who is Edgar?

Questions for you: Do you think Hiram will come back again? Why do you think Hermione appointed FP as the new Sheriff out of all people? Is Archie the one who shot Hiram? How do you think things will be for The Serpents from this point on? Do you think that Hal still hides some stuff about the Ascension Night or the Gargoyle King? How did you feel about the Gargoyle King revelation?


Leave your comments below as we are waiting for the next episode.

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