Riverdale Episode 3×15 “Chapter Fifty: American Dreams” Recap

One episode before the second musical one and we learned almost nothing new. Because it was centered on a lot of victories -and two unnecessary breakups- all we have to wait for now is for things to get worse in the next episodes before the end of this Season. At least this one confirmed my suspicions of FP being the Gargoyle King, but I will get to that soon.


Problems in Veggie Paradise


After all the things Reggie has done for Veronica, we should not have been surprised by his reaction in this episode. Asking for a partnership was the least he could have wanted considering he was shot for Veronica, lost his car for her, helped her with everything regarding her Bar, and stood by her when Archie was a complete jerk towards her.

Thankfully, Veronica did the right thing twice in this episode. She told Betty about Gladys taking control of the Fizzle Rocks trade, and she repurchased Reggie’s car from Gladys. Unfortunately, she and Reggie broke up right after our Choni ship was also destroyed because Toni thought she and Cheryl moved too fast. Come on, writers, we already know that these two breakups won’t last for long.

Red Paladin Quest: Completed


Watching three of the four main protagonists of Riverdale plotting or just talking together after such a long time made me want even more, because –let’s be honest- they are the only ones who can come up with brilliant plans to stop all this madness of Season 3. After finding out that Hiram distributed more than one Red Paladin cards, Archie, Betty and Jughead come up with a quest that will end this “kill the Red Paladin” obsession.

‘Shirtless Archie’ won the fight, of course, and Hiram helped him find a gym to fight before giving it to him, on top of that. Is this for real or does he have an ultimate goal? I would go with the second one any day, to be honest. I don’t trust Hiram.

Craziness Runs in The Jones Family


We should have seen through it when we heard the magic words ‘anonymous buyer’ that it was, in fact, Gladys who bought the Coopers’ house. By the way, what is going on with FP and Alice? Are they together? Are they not? Writers, stop leaving plot holes everywhere, especially when there is no reason to do so.

And since we are at the Coopers’ territory, when Betty found out about Gladys and the Fizzle Rocks, she told Jughead everything. After it was confirmed to him by the Serpents that it is true, he confronted Gladys only to get a meaningless speech about what she and FP had to do to survive. Jughead chose not to tell FP about Gladys’ schemes, but he and Betty seem to have a plan to end this for good.


And now it’s time for what really matters this Season. Was I the only one that heard Gladys saying ‘FP was once a King and a great one’ and I didn’t buy the whole ‘Serpent King’ explanation to it? Especially since FP is always so sketchy this Season and he even was when Gladys said those words. What if she meant that he was the Gargoyle King once? What if he was the Gargoyle King back in the day and continues being him to this day? Why am I alone in this? Am I going insane?


Questions for you: Am I the only one who thinks that FP is behind everything this Season? Do you believe that Hiram’s gesture was anything but innocent? Were you disappointed with the unnecessary breakups? Do you miss watching all four protagonists hanging out together? Are you excited for Heathers The Musical episode?


Leave your comments below as we are waiting for the next episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a full recap of Riverdale.


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