Riverdale Episode 3×18 “Chapter Fifty-Three: Jawbreaker” Recap

Riverdale is back after a long pause that felt like a summer break, and we are only a few episodes away from this Season’s finale, which is the weirdest one yet. What did the heck happen to Riverdale? In this one, they added zombies to the show –well, kind of. And while we are still clueless of where all these are headed, we at least got some insight in Edgar’s back-story, we saw the entire team back together for a few minutes, we witnessed the return of the real Gargoyle King and we got to see some team-ups we hadn’t seen before in the series.


The Boxing Event


Archie is again shown doing what he loves to do in this Season, which is fighting, but this time it’s through an event that honors Baby Teeth. Elio’s team is the opposing one, of course, and Mad Dog continues fighting for him, but, at least, he gives some intel to Archie minding Elio providing drugs to his opponent. Despite that, though, Archie wins the fight, because it seems like the writers are building an overpowered fighting character you would pick with your eyes closed in Mortal Combat for Archie instead of a realistic one.

Meanwhile, it’s the first time we see Veronica working with at least one member of the main cast, returning to the main storyline and finally becoming interested in knowing more about the events going on in Riverdale. Because of that, we got some Varchie vibes in this episode that I cannot see through yet, but Fred correctly pointed out to Archie in his way that he and Veronica are not friends. Is Veggie over and Varchie back?


The G


After finding out the body in the woods, FP is asking for Jughead’s help to solve the mystery behind the sacrifices that are going on in Riverdale this Season. After identifying the differences between the new sacrifice and the previous one, they assume that the person behind this is the real Gargoyle King.

Trying to trail back to whoever is behind all these, they find out that Kurtz is providing people with a bad batch of a new drug called ‘G,’ which makes people foaming, making zombie noises and act like maniacs –by the way, the person Archie was fighting with was under the influence of this drug. While questioning Kurtz they finally caught, they find out that the Gargoyle King wants Jellybean, who we see him capture at the end of the episode, and now FP and Jughead have to take on a new quest to save her.


Everybody’s Crazy


While the rest of the cast is busy with all these situations, Betty is determined to uncover the Farm and bring her mother back to sanity. Being the only sane person left in this town –almost- she even questions her sanity, making me want to hug her after slapping all the people who have ever hurt her. In her attempt to save Alice, Betty chains her in the bunker, shows old photographs of their family to her and tries hard to bring her sanity back. However, this does not work out since she finds out that her mother is afraid of her and thinks that she is like her father after listening to the Farm’s tapes. She has also sent Hal the divorce papers.

It also seems like Alice and Edgar are an item and I’m here wondering where did Falice go, when and how? Speaking of Edgar, I couldn’t stop laughing after hearing him say his story of a farm that took care of him when he was desperate and lost and that after that he promised himself to build a farm to help people just like they helped him. He later told Betty that Alice feels a lot better in the Farm than she does with her family. In the meantime, Toni infiltrates the Farm to help Betty and take back Cheryl, who is now as crazy as Alice and Hal has signed the divorce papers and asks Betty to help him get out of prison.


Questions for you: Is Toni going to succeed in exposing the Farm or will she also become insane? Why do you think the Gargoyle King wants Jellybean in particular? Do you believe there is a chance for Veronica and Archie to get back together again? Who do you think is the real Gargoyle King?


Leave your comments below as we are waiting for the next episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a full recap of Riverdale.


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