The 100 Episode 6×01 “Sanctum” Recap

The 100 is back, and with it, we are also here to give you our thoughts and theories for the new episode of Season 6. Since McCreary blew up The Valley, the last surviving place on planet Earth, our cast went to cryo for nearly 200 years only to wake up and find Monty and Harper’s son explaining to them how his parents found out a new planet for the crew. Of course, this is another of the many episodes that give tribute to the previous five Seasons, but it also gave us some vibes from the very first one, when the first 100 juveniles landed on Earth for the very first time.




Bellamy, Clarke, and Jordan wake the rest of the crew, except Octavia, Indra, Gaia, Maddie and Marcus, who is still hurt if you recall the incident with Vinson the cannibal from Season 5, to show them the footage Harper and Monty made for them. The people sent to the new ground to explore it are Bellamy, Clarke, Echo, Shaw, Emori, Murphy, Nathan and Jackson. Abby stays on the ship to try to cure Marcus with Monty’s algae, while Raven will also be looking into that new planet they found.

Of course, it doesn’t take long for Raven to bring up Abby’s drug addiction subject, especially after Abby comes up to her begging to take back the pills Raven stole from her. In the meantime, Niylah is also awake and helps Abby cure Marcus by waking up Octavia because she needs her blood. Marcus is cured and brought to see the new planet that Raven found out earlier that it is, in fact, a Moon, not a planet. And that is the moment another one of the past conflicts comes to light regarding Marcus’ betrayal to Wonkru and Octavia. That scene was powerful enough to bring Marcus back to bed, almost dead. Fortunately, we didn’t lose Kane just like that since Abby put him back in cryo right before she gives Raven her pills with a loud and clear message “never again.” It was about time if you ask me.


On the new ground, our main protagonists arrived the same way the first 100 juveniles did in 1×01, only this time, they all step out of the ship together –too bad the Blake tradition was broken just like that. They find out that the radiation levels of the planet are low, that they can swim in the water and that the air is breathable –an irony since the air is going to betray them hard until the end of this episode.

During their exploration, they find some weird bugs that after a while got a little insane and although they were friendly at first, they became hostile suddenly. After that, they find an odd place that seems to have some sort of an electrical or radiation field from which no one can walk through. Shaw is the first one to step there and ends up roasted, saying goodbye to Raven and us. One step closer to Murven maybe? If Echo dies too, this Season will be the best one so far –I’m a strict reviewer, you know that.








After losing Shaw, the cast finds a castle with a perfect colorful field all around it. The castle seems abandoned but has banners with Becca’s logo on, and Clarke points out that she was the one who made the Eligius’ technology in the first place. Murphy finds something that looks like a Game Boy there, which turns out to be a music player, while Emori finds a photograph with a family that could be the new enemies of the cast. Clarke and Bellamy find the school the children were attending, and that is when Clarke’s messages to Bellamy she was sending to him for six years are discussed between the two for the first time. I believe the subject with the messages will be brought up again later in this Season.

Of course, it’s not long before something ominous happens on that planet. Clarke finds out a fairytale that turns out to be the short version of the weird and deadly phenomenon that is going on on the planet. When the stars and the red sun align, something causes half of the living things on the planet to go insane and start murdering the remaining sane people. This goes on for two days until it stops. It is also mentioned that the shades of the trees are keeping the people safe. Clarke quickly realizes that whatever causes people to go nuts is in the air they have already breathed the minute they stepped out of their ship. The scene ends right after Emori attacks Murphy, who was so happy in this episode I wanted to hug him.



The first episode of Season 6 was quite interesting, and it certainly left us wanting to learn more about the moon and its weird phenomenon. I love how the 100 never ceases to amaze me, especially when new scientific facts and could-be-facts are brought up or even define the entire storyline. A moon with a weird sun, an even more mysterious phenomenon, and places that seem even more bizarre is all I wanted for this year’s Season. Let’s see what the writers will do with all those fresh new elements.


Questions for you: What are your thoughts on the first episode of the new Season? Is Kane going to be cured eventually? Do you think that the people on that new planet are more hostile than the crazy phenomenon? Will the cast try to take the planet from those people instead of co-existing with them? Will Octavia let go of her evil self or will she try to take back her power?



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