Riverdale Episode 3×20 “Chapter Fifty-Five: Prom Night” Recap

Do we still believe that Betty is sane? Sure Edgar does everything to mess with her head, but what if he has succeeded already? Since the previous episode was Luke Perry’s last one, it seems like the writers decided to send him away for a little while, and I’m hoping they won’t conclude in making him the villain only to write him off. Meanwhile, our four main characters are working in pairs to bring this Season to its closure in two weeks from now, while the entire episode paid tribute to both Season 2 and the iconic episode of the protagonists’ parents.


The Fighter and the Rich Girl


Archie’s mother is back now that Fred is away from Riverdale for some time and she refuses to let Archie become a professional boxer. He is convinced that he won’t be able to get into college, and that’s why he decides to focus on his wrestling career. Veronica is once again present to help him enter a tournament behind his mother’s back. Of course, the competition requires significant sacrifices. In order to compete, Archie has to lose six pounds, which he does by training hard and eating almost nothing, and that is why he ends up fainting after his big fight that he also lost.

Veronica, on the other hand, suddenly faces a truth she did not expect –and neither did we. Pop Tate reveals to her that he had found out six months ago that Hiram owns the diner and Veronica’s bar, not her. In the prom where Varchie go together, Veronica asks Archie for his help to take down Hiram for good. Judging by the description of the next episode, this will happen next week, and I’m hoping Hiram’s story will end for good this time. By the way, where is Reggie? Are we supposed to believe that Varchie is endgame without having any clue of Reggie’s whereabouts in the meantime?

The Gryphon Queen and her Gargoyle King


The other Riverdale iconic duo is working on unraveling the true identity of the Gargoyle King during the prom night. Hal is supposedly identified dead from the accident, but Betty is not convinced -I’m not either, I’m pretty sure he chopped off his hand and run away. Alice, on the other hand, had an infinity tattoo on her wrist, something that almost every member of the Farm has. Meanwhile, Jughead finds the Gargoyle King’s Gospel, which describes how the GK first appeared during the crowning of the Gryphon Queen. That is why Betty has to be crowned Prom Queen to make him make an appearance.

Of course, that goes horribly wrong when she decides to follow a letter and step on her mother’s shoes. Suddenly, Betty sees both the Black Hood and the Gargoyle King, and although Hal might have faked his death, I don’t think that this Black Hood was Hal. Especially after Betty’s decision to join the Farm ‘to get protection,’ it is clear to me that Edgar must be responsible for all that madness we witnessed at the prom, and Betty was probably hallucinating. But, I’m still not convinced of the sudden appearance of Jughead. It reminded me of FP’s sudden appearance after every agonizing scene in ‘Scream,’ back when he was the villain. Is Jughead still the good guy or should we say ‘like father, like son?’



Apart from Hal’s guaranteed survival from the crash, this episode gave us zero clues of who is the Gargoyle King or how is Edgar making people hallucinate and see dead people. And, since Betty is the Gryphon Queen, doesn’t that automatically make Jughead the Gargoyle King? Don’t get me wrong; I still believe FP is the original GK, even though they threw us a bomb in this episode that the current GK is not the same GK from the past. But, Jughead could be the new one he says, because he might have become the new GK to work with the original one, gain his trust and uncover his true identity. Or, they made Fred Andrews the GK to write him off, and all of our theories are pointless at this point. However, the tattoo references reminded me of Chic and the scene where he leaves with the Black Hood and nobody knows where he went. What if Chic was working with Hal to help him escape prison? Only two more episodes left to find out.


Questions for you: How will Veronica and Archie take down Hiram? Will Archie make the shot this time? Do you think that there are still two Gargoyle Kings? How do you feel about Betty joining the Farm?


Leave your comments below as we are waiting for the next episode.

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