The 100 Episode 6×02 “Red Sun Rising” Recap

Craziness level 9999 is going down in the new episode of The 100. The writers illustrated the weird phenomenon happening on the new planet our protagonists landed pretty nicely, preparing us for the rest of Season 6. Apart from that mentally insane situation, we also got a glimpse of the new characters joining the cast this time, and I loved seeing Sean Maguire once again on my screen after his unforgettable appearance in Once Upon a Time where he was portraying a well-known Disney character, Robin Hood.



This episode started and ended with the people who initially landed on this new planet. Their mission was to gather data and try to survive there. We went back 236 years (that is before the distraction of planet earth) to witness a father naming the new planet ‘Sanctum’ after his daughter gave him the idea. Shortly after we also watched him slaughtering everyone on his way due to the phenomenon that makes every living life on that planet kill each other. The only person surviving from that, though, was a man named Dr. Gabriel, who was interestingly discussing with another woman named Josephine about some embryos their operation brought to this new planet.

On the present day (or, to be more accurate, in the year 2280 approximately) Emori, Echo, Bellamy, Clarke, Murphy, Nathan, and Jackson are experiencing the weird phenomenon for the first time. They plan to stay chained in different groups until the madness passes. The first one to become paranoid is Nathan, making Clarke and Bellamy unchain themselves in order to go and help him. After almost getting killed by a lying Jackson, they discover that both he and Nathan were experiencing the same delusion.


In the meantime, four masked people hijacked the spaceship Raven, Octavia, Niylah, and Abby are guarding. They locked Octavia, Abby, Niylah and some other members of Wonkru on the other side of the bridge. Fortunately, Raven stayed on the other side and woke up Diyoza to help her with the situation. They both woke up Madi, who was also the person saving everyone after Diyoza’s plan failed. The three of them found out that these people have black blood –something that was also pointed out by the others when they saw the crew’s red one. Furthermore, we took a glimpse of Octavia’s continued mental pain from the things she had to put through during the time Wonkru were trapped in the Bunker, and mainly because of the events of the Dark Year.

Only one person made it out from that hijacking mission when it comes to the hijackers. This woman went down to the Sanctum to help Abby, Madi, Jordan, Octavia, and Raven find the others. I must start giving numbers to the groups –it’s not good for my mental health having to name every single person on the show each time they decide to split up, and you know that happens a lot in this show. Shortly after they land, Raven finds Shaw’s grave right after the Sanctum woman passes through the radiation field without getting burned.


Back to the more exciting part of this episode, the mental breakdowns continue to take over each one of the cast who first landed on Sanctum. For some weird reason, the only person not affected by it is Murphy, who also succeeds in preventing Clarke and Bellamy from killing each other. However, Murphy was the first one who started accusing Clarke of her actions in the previous Seasons, which makes me think that maybe he was affected, but since he is like this all the time, it seemed like he wasn’t. Another theory is that whatever ‘saved’ him from becoming insane is due to whatever got inside of him.

After surviving from drowning –Bellamy, you need to chill- Murphy successfully prevents Bellamy from choking Clarke to death, too. Clarke sedates all three of them by opening a gas grenade. After a while, Raven, Abby, Jordan, Octavia, and Madi find them, and that was the first time we saw that Murphy has something inside of him –flashback to the worms of the previous Season. That is when a lot of children appear on the scene that made me wonder why they are happy and how they managed not to slaughter each other. But, the most critical question is why they asked the cast if they were sent to bring them back home.



Until next week, I’m sure we all have a lot of questions, and we all know that none of our theories at this point will be confirmed since this is The 100 -it’s never developing the way we think it will. Apart from the fact that Diyoza is pregnant for more than 300 years –it’s about time you give birth, girl- another bizarre reality is the appearance of only children and not adults near the end of the “Red Sun Rising.” I’m curious to see what is going on in the Sanctum and why our main protagonists think it is the toxin from the plants which causes the phenomenon instead of the Red Sun that the title completely spoiled for us. I would love to hear your thoughts on the following questions that were also risen in my mind.


Questions for you: Do you think that these children are connected to the embryos the only surviving person from the slaughter 236 years ago mentioned? What are your thoughts on the fact that the phenomenon might be caused by the Red Sun and not because of the toxin of the plants? Do you think Octavia will go back to the kind person she used to be? Why do you think the children said that this is not their planet?



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I will see you next week for a recap of the new episode.



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