Riverdale Episode 3×21 “Chapter Fifty-Six: The Dark Secret of Harvest House” Recap

Now that was definitely the most twisting scenario Riverdale’s writers could have thought of to conclude all this Season’s unusual situations we were witnessing. I guess it beats every theory we have come up with, and it is even better than our theories –something that rarely happens with TV Shows as we have come to realize. On this one, we found out the darkest secret of The Farm, we learned who is the Gargoyle King, and we witnessed the finale of Hiram’s dirty business. But, let’s get down to it immediately.


The Big Plan


We knew that Veronica and Archie were working on an excellent plan to take down Hiram for good this time. It turns out that Veronica was the one who thought of the perfect idea that eventually worked out with flying colors. Archie would have to fight with Hiram on the ring to keep him busy until the police arrive to arrest him. Ronnie persuaded Hiram by telling him that all the bets are against him.

Right before Hiram’s arrest, the police arrived at the La Bonne Nuit because they found out that Hiram was doing some illegal businesses there. Veronica told them where to find him a minute before Reggie tells her that the last bet placed on the match was for Hiram to kill Archie on the ring. Of course, Archie is the main protagonist so that wouldn’t happen. And, that is why FP miraculously appeared just the right moment. Hiram got in jail, and I had a mini flashback there and realized that each Riverdale Season ends with one parent behind bars. The government seized all Hiram’s assets while his business will also be put out for auction, as Veronica informed him. Unfortunately, all Varchie shippers will have to wait a little bit more before they see them back together since Veggie is endgame, at least for this episode.

The Farm’s Darkest Secret


Betty is now officially inside The Farm, and the first thing she learns is something about herself. Polly and Alice tell her that when she was ten years old, the doctors found out that she has the serial killer gene –is that a thing? That is what Betty needed to start having sessions with Edgar. During the sessions, it appears that Edgar is using hypnotism to make the patients have illusions. We witness Betty talking with her Dark Side, learning that she killed her cat when she was a child and pushed Polly down the stairs. When Polly told her she forgave her about that, I was wondering how she would know that Betty’s Dark Side would have talked to her about that specific incident.

Shortly after, Betty learns from Kevin and Cheryl that The Farm is converting the patients’ emotional pain into physical pain and make them have a medical procedure to remove the part of their body that is allegedly in pain –how much brain-dead should you be to really believe that that is possible? Of course, when we saw Evelyn on meds for patients who had an organ transplant, we all saw the kidney situation coming. Betty discovers an entire cabinet full of human kidneys and told Cheryl everything about it. Thankfully, Cheryl got around and saved Toni, who was about to have her surgery. Kevin and Fangs, on the other hand, wouldn’t come around and that’s how Betty ended up on the doctor’s chair. I’m so sure this transplant will be the best fit for Evelyn.

A Breathtaking Reveal


Jughead is still on his mission to find out who is behind the Gargoyle King’s mask. He learns who sent Betty the envelope the night of the prom, then asks Jellybean for clues about the GK, and ends up rescuing a young boy named Ricky from ascending. Ricky is a member of the scouts’ team and mumbles about a princess, who turns out to be Ethel. Ethel tells Jughead that the GK wants to kill her but refuses to reveal to him the true identity of the GK.

After saving another boy, this time from the Black Hood, Ethel is willing to tell Jughead who is the GK, since he saved her from getting killed. How is it possible for Jason Blossom to be the GK? Jughead digs up Jason’s grave to answer to that burning question and finds out that it’s empty. I know most of the fans had a theory about Chic being the GK since he has a connection with the Black Hood aka Hal Cooper. I dig the Jason Blossom theory more because we were all thinking that Jason might still be alive since Season 1 –it was about time for the writers to bring that up. But –because I’m sure you’ve thought of that, too- if it’s, in fact, Chic who poses as Jason Blossom, why is Jason’s grave empty?



One episode before the finale of Riverdale’s Season 3 and this year’s storyline turned out better than the predictable ones of the previous two Seasons. I was probably wrong about FP being the GK, but I certainly like the Jason Blossom reveal better since it completely blew my mind. Of course, I didn’t mention the confirmation of Hal’s escape, since we all had guessed it anyway. I’m looking forward to seeing how this Season will wrapup. Until next week, I would love to hear your thoughts on the last burning questions I have for this episode’s events.


Questions for you: Will Veronica buy Riverdale with the money she made from the bets? Will Betty’s kidney work on Evelyn? Did you like the reveal of the Gargoyle King? Do you think that the reveal was misleading and we will see another person behind that mask?



Leave your comments below as we are waiting for the final episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a full recap of Riverdale.



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