The 100 Episode 6×03 “The Children of Gabriel” Recap

Why were we so naïve to think that the bizarre phenomenon of the Sanctum was going to be our most significant worry for The 100’s Season 3? The history behind the people who currently live there is more complicated than we thought, and while we have so much more to learn about it, it was clear as day to me that we might see some similarities to the first Seasons as we move forward. But, let’s not waste any more time and dive deeper into the newest episode.



The first time in his life Murphy dies and I’m a bit disappointed with that since he is the cockroach of the show. If he can die, everybody will. Fortunately, the people living on Sanctum have a weird way to bring him back to life, which suited me pretty fine. From this point on, however, Murphy seems regretful of his past actions and frightened of their consequences, given the fact that during his death, he went to hell as he claims.

In the meantime, the group is captured by the citizens of the Sanctum and their leader named Russell Lightbourne, portrayed by JR Bourne who was starring at Teen Wolf and Suits among others. Since the 100’s transport ship has to be flown onto Sanctum grounds, Raven, Bellamy, Echo, and Octavia head towards it while Clarke stays back. At the same time, Jordan meets with Delilah, who is claiming that she can be trusted with the stories Jordan wants to tell her about his group.






That is why Clarke’s mission to persuade Russell to let her and the rest of the 399 people on her transport ship get their second chance in Sanctum fails. While attending a dinner with him, his wife, and their dog, she tries to convince him that what they heard of her past actions were done for her people to survive. Of course, Russell isn’t confident that his people aren’t threatened of them neither that she can change.

While Russell and his people seem willing to do whatever it takes to survive, another crew looking precisely like the Grounders of the previous Seasons paralyze Gaia and Madi with darts. Fortunately, Diyoza’s vest protects her from them and chooses to fake paralysis in case of having to take any action. The new Grounders are named “The Children of Gabriel,” which makes us wonder what part did Dr. Gabriel from the previous episode play on the Sanctum after he killed everyone during the rising of the Red Sun. Another interesting question that popped on my mind was whether Russell and his leadership were taken by force since we already know that the title “Sanctum” was given to that planet by Gabriel.





The Children of Gabriel are discussing some form of an attack they plan to do that night, while Gaia, Madi, and Diyoza are on the ground. After a while, Bellamy and his group arrive at the ship, and Octavia kills the Children of Gabriel while they were backing down. That action of hers makes Bellamy question her once again, and he decides not to let her get in the transport ship. Octavia’s story from this point on seems to be going almost the same way as it did in the first Season of the show, and I’m already guessing who is going to play the part of the new Lincoln who will bring her humanity back.

The Children of Gabriel planned to abduct Delilah during her “Naming Day,” but as they were trying to, Clarke saved her. Because she was cut during the fight, Russell notices that she has black blood and he tells her that he and his people also has it. Later that night, he informs Clarke’s group that they can have their second chance and live on their planet. But, when he spots Diyoza’s name, he captures her because her name was in Prime’s history books next to Hitler’s and Bin Landen’s. It seems like we have more to learn about Diyoza this Season.


The story seems to repeat itself while continuing the already established history behind the four Eligius ships, which were sent to space on various missions. The Primes are getting into the bodies of nightbloods during the Naming Day while there is also another group of people who plan to get rid of the 12 Primes. Moreover, I believe that The Children of Gabriel are the children of Dr. Gabriel for real since we already know that he brought embryos from Earth to populate the Sanctum. He survived the first Red Sun rising; It is possible that he is also the Old Man that The Children of Gabriel were talking about during this episode.



Questions for you: Do you think that the embryos were used to make The Children of Gabriel? Why do you think the Anti-Primes want to get rid of the 12 Primes? Do you think Russell has taken his power by force? Do you think his intentions for Sanctum were different from Gabriel’s? Do you like the story of the new Season so far?


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