Riverdale Episode 3×22 “Chapter Fifty-Seven: Survive the Night” Recap

If this wasn’t the best Season finale of Riverdale, then I don’t know which one was. Despite the 10-last-minutes warning from the writers, I was expecting this episode to be just like any other one of Season 3. But, it wasn’t, and I was wrong. Apart from the quality of this episode, though, we got a glimpse of what Season 4 is going to be and which questions is going to answer for us. And they are a lot. But first, let’s dive into the conclusion of Season 3.


The Grand Hunt


After escaping from The Farm, Toni asks from Penelope to help her save Cheryl, but the woman is lunatic. She drugs her and instead, buys Betty from The Farm to have her, Veronica, Jughead, and Archie do the last GnG quest. Our four favorites dress up to prepare for the Grand Hunt that is going to happen in the woods. Just before the final quest begins, the Black Hood and the Gargoyle King reveal themselves to the main cast, and, as most of you guessed, it was Chic who was posing as Jason, not Jason himself. Hal didn’t kill Chic in Season 2 and chose to work with him and Penelope, who was the original Gargoyle King from back in the day. This family cannot become any more paranoid than this, I swear.

During the Grand Hunt, Archie is the first one who has to be tested, and of course, this Season led him to this moment when he had to fight a big man looking like the bear from which he survived at the beginning of Season 3. After winning, the next candidate is Veronica, who chose Betty as her closest companion both to spin a bottle and drink from the poisoned chalices. I loved the reference to Season 1 when they played the same game, and it was Veronica who practically betrayed Betty and kissed Archie. To prove her honor and loyalty, Veronica drank from the last two chalices so that Betty can survive.

Jughead’s mission was to fight the real Gargoyle King, Chic, whom he managed to take him down and move on to the next quest, which was Betty’s. On this final quest, Betty had to shoot her father, the Black Hood, either he would kill all four of them. She chose to shoot at his now-only hand to win the prize, which was the antidote of the poison of the chalices. However, Penelope arrived after the shot was taken, shot Hal in the head and ordered The Gargoyle Gang to kill them. Thankfully, Cheryl and Toni came with the Pretty Poisons and the Serpents and helped the four of them escape.

The Ascension of The Farm


Speaking of Cheryl, she managed to escape The Farm with Alice’s help. Kevin and Fangs still refused to believe that The Farm is harvesting human organs. Right before her escape, Cheryl found out that the Jason she was seeing during her time in The Farm, was Jason’s dead body, which was stolen from its grave.

In the meantime, Toni found out about the Grand Hunt and called The Pretty Poisons and the Serpents to unite to save Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead. Minutes before their departure, Cheryl arrives, holding Polly’s twin, the one that was left behind when Penelope took the other one from The Farm.

After saving them from The Gargoyle Gang like they were copies of Legolas from Lord of the Rings, Betty realizes that her mother is still at The Farm. The six of them enter The Sisters of the Quiet Mercy to save Alice, only to find Kevin alone, crying about everybody else ascending except him. He had to stay behind to tell everybody what happened. We see robes and shoes circling him, wondering how they managed to vanish.

What Happens Now


Near the end of this episode, we learned that Hal is dead and Chic is behind bars. The only person who managed to escape was Penelope. Veronica and Archie are also back together. A little bit later, an FBI agent arrives at Betty’s house to inform her and Jughead that the FBI was investigating Edgar’s Harvesting Plan and The Farm with Alice’s help, who as it turns out is an FBI informant. We didn’t have much time to let that sink, and we also learned that this rather cute FBI agent is the real Charles, Alice’s, and FP’s child.

At Veronica’s house, the police arrive and arrests Hermione for conspiracy to commit murder. Hiram might be in jail, but he is working on his plans from there. Apart from having the police arrest Hermione, we hear him also talking about some evidence being planted somewhere we don’t know.

While the four of the main cast is at Pop’s drinking their traditional milkshakes, they make a pact to stay friends during their Senior Year. However, we take a glimpse of the Senior Year, and we find Betty, Archie, and Veronica without their clothes in front of a burning fire, covered in blood, and talking about burning their clothes, including Jughead’s beanie, and never talk to each other ever again neither discuss about what happened there that night.


Season 3 finale was way better than I expected and I loved the way The Black Hood and The Gargoyle King were connected with the previous Season. This showed the consistency of the story the writers have in mind for this show. I’m curious to see what happened during Senior Year and more importantly where was Jughead during that scene. Did something happen to him? We have to wait until October to find out where Riverdale’s already established storylines are heading and where this new one will go.



I will see you again then with reviews of Riverdale’s Season 4 episodes.


Questions for you: What did you think of the finale of Season 3? Where did The Farm go? Where did Hiram plant the evidence he was talking about? Where was Jughead during the final scene? What do you think the four of them did?



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