The 100 Episode 6×04 “The Face Behind the Glass” Recap

We made a deep dive into the psychotic traditions of the people of Sanctum in this episode, and I still cannot guess how this story is going to end up eventually. We took a glimpse of the so-called Naming Day of the Sanctum while greeting unusual moments for the show with some also powerful ones. However, did we even lose a vital character without knowing it? Let’s have a quick look into the newest episode of The 100’s Season 6.



Russell threw out Diyoza at the end of the previous episode and in this one, we find her in the woods alone encountering the Children of Gabriel, who offer her a deal if they help her out. Later on the episode, Diyoza finds Octavia, who is previously captured. Unfortunately, Octavia loses the child she seemed to have liked for this small period. Diyoza and Octavia are teaming up, and we are here to watch some great scenes between these two strong characters who once both were leaders who got overtaken by the power they had.

In the meantime, Sanctum’s Naming Day is here, and Delilah is the candidate who is about to be the host of the previous Primes. Jordan seems way too attached to her despite having met her like one day ago. Just like the title of this episode, she asks him not to let her be the face behind the glass, and until the end of the episode, we witness another person’s fate being ruined in a matter of minutes.


Speaking of the Naming Day, the tradition of the people of Sanctum during that day seem cheerful, enthusiastic, and harmless until the night comes, at least. During Russell’s speech, Clarke feels that the timing is perfect for her to ask for apologies from two of our main protagonists. Raven is the first person Clarke chooses to apologize to, but despite her efforts, Raven remains cold and harsh towards her, and why wouldn’t she anyway? Bellamy, on the other hand, is willing to forgive her and in the meantime, we watch this iconic duo share another hug on the show.

During the party of the Naming Day, Clarke comes closer with a doctor of the Sanctum, making Bellamy being harsh towards Echo. After the party, Clarke sleeps with the doctor right before finding out a drawing he’s made with some of the cast’s faces. Hers is inside a red circle because she has nightblood in her. That is when the doctor’s real purpose comes to light, but before Clarke can successfully escape from him, he sedates her with that weird poison that can only paralyze you. Clarke watches him commit suicide as the people of Russell find him and take Clarke with them.


We have no idea what happened to Delilah at this point, but we find Clarke sedated on a table, surrounded by skeletons I can only think that they come from the previous hosts of the Primes. Russell and his wife are talking about bringing their daughter back by making Clarke her host. Interestingly, this new kind of Flame takes full control of the host’s body, but the host is losing its minding in the process. After Clarke wakes up as Russell’s daughter and not Clarke, I’m curious to see if we are ever going to get our Clarke back or if we lost her for good.


Questions for you: Will our main protagonists ever forgive Clarke for all her past actions? How is Octavia going to handle her monstrous side? What will happen to Clarke from this point on?



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