The 100 Episode 6×05 “The Gospel of Josephine” Recap

The Sanctum’s history is becoming more and more exciting each episode, and now with Clarke gone, the more twisty aspects of the show are emerging more casually and predictably than before. Josephine has one goal while posing as Clarke, and in the meantime, Diyoza and Octavia keep running away from The Children of Gabriel and Jordan mourns differently for the loss of his beloved Delilah.



Digging deeper into the history of Sanctum, we find out that Josephine was friends with Kaylee –the woman who entered the spaceship but got out alive. Kaylee killed Josephine in the past because the latter killed somebody else and was a threat to Sanctum. Josephine takes revenge for that by killing her while resting her parents assured that she would be back as a host of one of our main protagonists. Her primary purpose, however, is to find out how many of the 400 of our people have nightblood.

Her first stop is Abby, who is still trying to make a cure for Marcus. Despite some of her mistakes in front of Clarke’s mother, she manages to get away with who she is while also providing a smart way for Abby to bring Marcus back, using her knowledge of the Sanctum as a scientist. Later on, we find ourselves asking whether Abby is substituting her addiction to pills with her new obsession of saving Marcus. Although it is a logical way to put it, it is not that far-fetched, especially after hearing her showing her appreciation to Marcus’ kind heart during the harder times of the Dark Year and in general.

Meanwhile, Bellamy and John are trying to figure out a way to pass the radiation field of the Sanctum to go back to the spaceship and leave this new planet for good. A radiation shield is a reasonable solution they land on before they find Jordan getting obsessed over Delilah’s unique personality that’s so different from the one he got intimate with. During his research over what might have happened to her, he finds the Skeleton room we saw in the previous episode and the operating room right behind the former one.


Going through the computer’s files they find in that room, Bellamy, Jordan, Clarke/Josephine, Gaia, and Murphy find a video that shows the first successful hosting operation Gabriel and Russell performed to bring her back inside somebody else’s body. In that footage we find out that this kind of AI technology is not the same as the commanders’ one since it’s passing the mind of one individual into somebody else’s, while the former Flame –as we know it- was moving every commander’s mind into the mind of another person, preserving all of them together.

This was the technology Becca created for Eligius III before the first apocalypse, but she created The Flame after that. That is why in order for the hosting process to succeed, the host’s consciousness has to disappear so that the stored minds the Sanctum has inside the drives can be fully uploaded. I don’t know if that’s a piece of good information regarding Clarke’s fate now that she’s practically ‘gone.’ However, seeing the expression in Josephine’s face when she heard about the experiment done to Clarke to transform her blood into nightblood, tells me that something is not in line with what the people in Sanctum are after.

In the meantime, Bellamy finds out that Clarke isn’t Clarke right before Josephine gets him sedated. After that, she finds Murphy, shows him who she is to offer him a chance for eternal life if he works with her. Murphy agrees, and I’m curious to see whether he will take the opportunity to go undercover and save everybody or if he will end up becoming like Jasper. Outside of the ‘civilized’ Sanctum, deep into the woods, Diyoza and Octavia are exchanging more in-depth conversations regarding Octavia’s wish to die while trying at the same time to run away from that new Lincoln of The Children of Gabriel. Octavia decides to live during another bizarre phenomenon of this new planet, and along with Diyoza, they choose to accept Xavier’s help and reveal to him how many of their people are real nightbloods.


It certainly appears that Madi is the key to the Sanctum’s passing-on procedure, and she will be in danger again as long as the main cast continues to stay on that planet. The more interesting thing is whether they are going to destroy this new planet too after destroying ours in the previous Season. Since we’re watching The 100, I think this is more likely to happen than a happy ending.


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