The 100 Episode 6×06 “Memento Mori” Recap

If you thought that this Season wouldn’t be going to have a confusing storyline like the rest of them, this episode would definitely have you reconsider this. From here, we don’t only have Josephine to creep us out. Another exciting storyline started focused on Madi and her commander powers. Meanwhile, the spiral makes its appearance again while Octavia and Diyoza are trying to figure out what to do to cure their wounds. But let’s take a closer look at everything.



The episode starts with Murphy choosing the dark side and teaching Josephine how to be Clarke to fool Abby to get what she wants –to have her make everybody Nightblood. Then she tells Murphy that he has until Second Moon to convince Bellamy not to inform the others that Clarke isn’t Clarke otherwise she will kill him. Murphy visits Bellamy to persuade him not to start a war with Sanctum. Bellamy is heartbroken by the fact that Clarke is dead and after Josephine cuts him loose, he attacks Russell. When he thinks about it again, he chooses not to go to war with Sanctum but tell everyone the truth about Clarke instead.

In the woods, Octavia and Diyoza are still with Xavier and try to heal Octavia’s hand. They have only three hours until it reaches Octavia’s head. Xavier also tries to convince Diyoza to join him and his group since they want her child. Diyoza is still not convinced that he is good until he uses something and heals her wound. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work on Octavia, but Xavier finds out that her hand is drawing a spiral, the symbol of anomaly Diyoza also found out she’s been drawing in a notebook. They seem to be chosen by the anomaly, and they have to find out what it wants. What anomaly? What is this? I’m scared.


In the meantime, Madi is fighting with a ghost she’s been seeing while Gaia is by her side to help her understand the flame and this new entity. With a ritual, Madi falls asleep and meets with that Dark Commander. She finds him alone in a room without the other Commanders and learns that she is stronger than she thinks. He tells her that his teacher knew nothing and tried to restrain him, which resulted in him killing his teacher. While Madi doesn’t believe him, she wakes up to find herself chained by Gaia, who does that only to keep her safe. After finding out that Clarke is dead, Madi sends Gaia away and asks the Dark Commander to teach her how to kill everybody.

After taking the right decision to tell everybody the truth about Clarke, Bellamy is trying to do the right thing and not start a war with the Sanctum. However, the key to saving her seems to be slightly more comfortable than we thought. We should have guessed that Josephine’s sleeplessness has to do with the fact that she is hosting somebody else’s body. At the end of this episode, she finally falls asleep, and we find out that Clarke is still inside her head, in a room full of drawing of familiar faces of the show, like Roan’s, Lexa’s and, of course, Bellamy’s. What if they remove the chip out of her head and get her back before Abby starts making more Nightbloods?



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