The 100 Episode 6×07 “Nevermind” Recap

I wouldn’t have named this episode “Nevermind” when we all do mind, especially when it comes to Clarke’s fate. The entire episode is set inside Clarke’s mind and gives tribute to most of the previous Seasons and to a lot of beloved characters we thought we’d never see again. While Clarke is searching for a way to escape –or not- we find out what her fate could be and if there is a chance to have her back with the rest of the cast.



Waking up in her Skybox cell, Clarke starts to hear the memories of her past. The room is filled with pictures of every person of The 100’s cast, including the diseased ones’. After getting out of the room, she finds her dad with whom they talk about the fact that she never got to say goodbye to Madi or Abby right before she realizes that she is trapped inside her own head.

The next person she meets in her subconscious is ALIE, who I missed, to be honest. ALIE is the key for Clarke to discover how to get her body back from Josephine. Searching through another memory from Season 3, she remembers the way they managed to get ALIE’s chip out of Raven’s head. ALIE also informs her that the remnants of the chip in Clarke’s mind are the reason she survived the new one, that of the Prime’s. However, if the Primes find out how Clarke freed Raven from the City of Light, she will be in danger. ALIE extracts that memory, puts it into another chip and gives it to Clarke telling her to keep it safe.

And while we thought everything is going to work out perfectly fine knowing Clarke has that chip, she makes a mistake and opens that one door in her subconscious she’s never seen before. Josephine steps into Clarke’s mind space and warns her that as long as they both share it, Clarke will eventually die in her head and subsequently in her body in the real world. Of course, Josephine only wants to learn how Clarke managed to stay alive after the insertion of the Prime’s chip. While looking for answers inside Clarke’s Skybox, Clarke manages to “kill” her only to find out that she cannot be killed in the mind space.


Clarke’s next encounter is Octavia, who is there to reflect Clarke’s fear of Bellamy never forgiving her about the time she left him to die in Bloodreina’s pit. The next face we see is Maya, who is reflecting Clarke’s guilt about the people she killed and the ones she didn’t –like Jasper. During their talk, Clarke realizes that she can control her mind space, meaning that she can trap Josephine however she wants by creating whatever she wants through her head.

Despite trapping her inside a cave after putting a collar to her, Josephine resurrects again and starts searching for ALIE’s chip. She assures Clarke that her people will be okay because Bellamy made a deal with the people of Sanctum. During their conversation, we also see more flashbacks of the Seasons before this one with events that are mostly the worst memories of Clarke –like the choice she made when she killed Finn. After agreeing to sacrifice herself for her people, Josephine acquires the chip and assures Clarke that everything will be over soon.

Shockingly, Monty is what Clarke needed to find her strength to fight to come back to life and be alongside Madi, her mom, and her friends. Together they enter Josephine’s mind space and find out about the Oblation, which seems to be a way to get rid of whoever cannot be a host. Next thing she hears is the name Isaac right before witnessing Josephine killing him and afterward a baby. But, the most painful memory of Josephine is the next one, in which we see a person committing suicide right in front of her. Unfortunately, Josephine finds both of them in that memory, beats Clarke up and wakes up as a winner. Well, almost because Monty and Clarke manage to send a message to Bellamy via morse code, which was the simple word “Alive” that was enough for Bellamy to realize that Clarke is not dead.



I cannot wait to see how Bellamy will get to free Clarke and if there is going to be a war between them and the Primes. However, what concerned me the most was the fact that we learned through Josephine’s memories that The Children of Gabriel could easily make hosts, while the Primes only had two successful procedures, at least until then. Maybe The Children of Gabriel are all Nightbloods somehow. We’ll find out soon enough.



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