The 100 Episode 6×08 “The Old Man and the Anomaly” Recap

Paying tribute to the cast’s ‘infinite’ love, “The Old Man and the Anomaly” is merely showing us that our characters can be loyal to one another even after 125 years. While the episode did not focus on what the title is saying, there were more twists to it than we would have expected. With Josephine trying to wipe out Clarke for good, even the more traumatized characters like Murphy have not lost their loyalty to the rest of the cast.



Octavia and Diyoza are still wandering around with Xavier, and in this episode, they are going towards the anomaly. On their way, they find out that Xavier is, in fact, Gabriel, who was unwillingly transferred into another body before dying some years ago. In the meantime, all three of them are experiencing visions from their past, caused by the anomaly, while Octavia is still hurt and suffering. When they finally reach the anomaly, Diyoza is the first one to enter, followed by Octavia, who eventually comes out healed and well. Diyoza’s whereabouts are unknown from this point on.

Back in the spaceship, Abby stays faithful to her word and shows the people of Sanctum how to make Nightblood, while they are preparing a person named Gavin to be Marcus’ host. The only person against this call is Raven, who tries to change Abby’s mind unsuccessfully. Until the end of the episode, Raven changes her mind and helps Abby do the transfer, which is eventually successful and leaves us wondering whether we just lost Henry Ian Cusick from the show for good or if there is any chance we get him back by the end of Season 6.


In Sanctum, Murphy continues to yearn for immortality and helping Josephine. Because of that desire, he proposes to Emori with a set of chips, asking her to be together forever. Meanwhile, Josephine is desperate to get Clarke out of her head right here right now. All she needs is something to channel the EMP, and it’s Emori who helps her find it, being with Murphy’s side all of a sudden. However, it is the realization that Clarke lives the only thing that makes her reflect on her initial decision to go with Josephine’s side. It is when she goes to obtain the shock collar they need for the Clarke-removal, that she informs Bellamy that Josephine will do the procedure sooner than they expected.

While Bellamy and Echo are trying to stop Josephine with Emori’s help, Madi starts killing the Primes out of the blue, ordered by the entity she keeps seeing, Sheidheda. When she tries to kill Priya, Jordan steps in front of her and gets stabbed. During the funeral of one of the persons Madi killed, Priya finds out that Russell brought Josephine back while it wasn’t his turn. For the Primes, this is ‘a jump of the resurrection line,’ leaving us wondering what that means for their story and Clarke. After learning about Bellamy’s successful capturing of Josephine, Russell orders his soldiers to save Josephine no matter what.


We have so much to anticipate watching in the next episode, including Murphy’s fate after Josephine stabbed him, Jordan’s condition, Diyoza’s location, and whether Clarke will be back with us sooner than we expected. Also, can we take a moment and appreciate Murphy’s sudden change of heart in the middle of that field, when he chose his friends over immortality? Nevertheless, we got to see Octavia getting well after almost-losing so many other characters, including Kane, although I do hope they fix that somehow.


I will see you next week for a recap of The 100’s next episode.



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