The 100 Episode 6×09 “What You Take With You” Recap

Out of all the characters the writers could kill off in this Season, they chose to get rid of one of our favorites while we are waiting for certain other ones to leave the show so that we can have what we desperately want -like Echo or Emori, for example, and so many more. The episode revolves around ‘redemption,’ almost like the rest of this Season does, only this time it is Octavia and Marcus who are seeking it. All of their struggles are going down while Bellamy is trying to get Clarke back, and he almost does thankfully.



After waking up in Xavier’s cabin, Octavia remembers nothing from her time inside the Anomaly. However, Xavier desperately wants to learn everything about the Anomaly, so he gives Octavia a toxin from the Anomaly to make her remember. Instead, she finds herself inside The Pit, where she has to find a way to forgive herself for all the things she has done as Blodreina. During her time there, we watch a flashback from various memorable moments of Season 5 and from the time Lincoln died. We also get to see Pike once again, whom, in the end, Octavia chooses to save and kill herself instead to get her redemption. She wakes up once again and tells Xavier that she found no answers about the Anomaly, right before the radio goes on, delivering Clarke’s message.


Back in the woods, Bellamy is trying to get Josephine to Gabriel to get Clarke back. After getting captured and put into a cave by The Children of Gabriel, he and Josephine share a long conversation regarding his complicated relationship with Clarke. Their relationship is described as a friendship that has its ups and downs, even though we can all agree that this is not a friendship whatsoever. Right before that, Bellamy attempts to speak to Clarke by talking to Josephine, and all he gets to say to her is that he won’t let her die. When The Children of Gabriel realize that Clarke is a host, they attempt to kill her, but Josephine gives control to our Clarke who manages to save them both and run away from that cave. Before she goes, she gives the keys to his bonds to Bellamy, meaning that we will get to see him free too in the next episode. Clarke runs into the woods and finds the people Russell sent to get Josephine back. They save her, but she hurts them and sends a message to Gabriel, informing him that Josephine is inside of her. Despite Josephine’s attempts, Clarke refuses to let her gain control of her body again. Welcome back, Clarke, I guess.


In the spaceship, Marcus is having second thoughts about the transfer Abby made to keep him alive. He finds out that there’s a woman who was Gavin’s wife and that she believes that inside him there is a Prime and not Marcus. Shortly after, Raven wakes Indra up –it was about time- and together with Marcus/Gavin they inform her about the Primes’ method. Marcus’ decision after everything is to leave the world the same way Abby’s husband did; by floating himself. I didn’t expect this to happen, and I didn’t think that Marcus was gone for good, even after they transferred his mind to another body. Watching the tearful goodbye between him and Abby was too painful, and in my opinion, he shouldn’t have gone like this, but we have to accept it because this is The 100. Of course, his death reminded me of Lincoln’s so much, and I feel like we lost a valuable character we’ve known since Season 1. May we meet again.



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