The 100 Episode 6×10 “Matryoshka” Recap

You might need to take a deep breath after that last scene before we start talking about probably one of the best episodes of The 100’s Season 6 so far. We are still unsure of how the writers will wrap up everything in only three episodes, including Diyoza’s whereabouts or whether the rest of the spaceship’s crew is going to be woken up. In this episode, Bellamy is still trying to get Clarke back, Sheidheda is controlling Madi’s head, and our main characters are still in danger of getting in a war with the Sanctum.



Ryker keeps trying to get more people to turn against the Primes by saying to some of them that their children aren’t one with them. Echo approaches him and tells him to get her a room with a view from where she can watch the execution and have a clear shot at Russell. While Ryker is eating lunch with his family, one of the people he told about the Primes’ lies enters the room and manages to stab Simone to death. In the meantime, Abby learns that Clarke is dead and ends up imprisoned along with Emori, Murphy, Madi, and Raven. Madi, still controlled by Seidheda, calls Murphy a traitor and reveals to Abby what he did while still believing that Clarke was dead. Shortly after, Gaia enters the room and informs them about Echo’s plan right before Russell arrives to take them all for execution on the stake –except for Madi.


While everybody is waiting for Echo’s shot, Ryker knocks her out, causing their plan to fail. While on the stake, Murphy attempts to change their fate by revealing to Russell that there’s another way of making Nightblood –by using bone marrow. Russell tells him that they’ve tried that before, but Murphy succeeds in persuading him and buying them 24 hours, in which they will use Madi as a test subject. Raven gets along with it under the condition of giving her access to Becca’s notebook and a computer. In that way, they will try to get Sheidheda out of Madi’s head.

Clarke finds herself in a hatch after crashing her bike and breaking her radio. Inside the hatch, she has a long talk with Josephine, learning that Gabriel didn’t leave because he wanted to die but because he wanted to end the tradition of the Primes of snatching bodies. After collapsing, Clarke wakes up in her mindspace and finds Josephine’s memories. She decides to float them, and after doing it, she discovers that in this way, Josephine gets erased. She wakes up as Josephine when Gabriel and Octavia find her. Out of the hatch, they are captured by the Sanctum guards, but Bellamy is posing as one of them and kills them all but one. She tells her that if any of his people are harmed, he will kill Josephine.


Gabriel and Octavia take Josephine to remove the mind drive. She makes a last attempt to persuade Gabriel not to do it, but he removes the drive. The problem is that Clarke isn’t waking up after the procedure. Inside her head, Josephine attacks her with an ax, but in the end, Clarke manages to kill her. In the real world, Clarke’s heart has stopped, and Bellamy is going insane thinking that he lost her. He uses her advice about ‘the head and the heart’ to decide to do CPR to save her. While we are watching him giving her the kiss of life while shouting at her that he needs her, I’m convinced that this is the perfect time for us to witness Bellarke –because we were all sure that she will wake up eventually, admit it. After she is woken up, their eyes meet in the most extended eye contact I’ve ever seen, but eventually, we get another hug that leaves me there speechless, with unfulfilled desires. If that’s friendship, then I have no friends, I guess.



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