Saving money and saving the planet

I’m a poor girl. Not omg lets feel sorry for me and bring wine round to my house because I still can’t get over that in series 3 of PLL they tried to convince us that Ezra was A. no. This is poor as in lacking money, spending £300 on makeup and pizza and then complaining that I have nothing left poor. Self inflicted poor, not saving poor. Don’t feel sorry for me poor.

I’ve been looking at how I can change how I shop to try and look after our planet but omg it’s expensive. Cleaning products that are universal £15, shampoo bars £8 and they don’t even agree with my hair, plus everything else. Don’t get me wrong I’m trying to save the environment but I’m starting at one plastic bag at a time and replacing things when I need them.

It’s something I never thought about before watching many documentaries on it. I look after my home, I clean every night when I get home from work. I look out for the latest storage ideas and cleaning tips and I like everything to be tidy.

So I began to look at how I could change the way I thought and once I began researching and thinking I found that there were easy switches that could be made. The problem was that my perception of things were wrong – that’s what I needed to change.

I started shopping locally and stopped buying things on Amazon – this wasn’t because of any other reason than instead of checking if people had stuff I would order things from Amazon and not consider asking how much plastic was in things. I began asking friends and family did they have things that I could borrow instead of buying additional things. For example a few weeks ago I needed to jet wash my garden so I texted the family group chat and asked them could I borrow one – three hours later one was dropped off at my door.

So from one person trying to save the environment while still managing to pay rent and bills – switch to reusable sanitary pads, buy KOH the universal cleaning product (seems expensive but lasts forever) and finally steal things from your family instead of buying things yourself.

Sending alatte of love your way

Lacking Coffee xo

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