The 100 Episode 6×11 “Ashes to Ashes” Recap

In Bob Morley’s directorial debut “Ashes to Ashes” it is pretty clear that his goal was to show off Clarke’s kindness despite everything that she’s been through so far and regardless of Bellamy’s opposing stand. Meanwhile, Madi is still under Sheidheda’s control, Octavia seeks forgiveness from Bellamy, and Echo confesses her story for the first time.


Bellamy and Clarke try to find a way to save their people, brainstorming ideas without getting anywhere because Clarke wants to save everybody without hurting anyone, but Bellamy doesn’t care of who might be killed in the process. In the middle of their conversation, Octavia asks to talk to Bellamy outside only to get captured by Xavier’s people who just found out that their Xavier is Gabriel now. To save Gabriel, Bellamy proposes them to use Gabriel’s toxin to cause panic in Sanctum. He and Octavia are tasked to fetch the toxin where they also have a long conversation that leaves Bellamy with tears after Octavia asks him to say that she is his sister and he has to tell her that she is not his responsibility anymore. Back in the tent, Clarke proposes to pose as Josephine to trigger an evacuation so that there won’t be any massacre due to the toxin.


Echo and Murphy are brought to the palace where Echo is sentenced to be the first test subject for John’s bone marrow treatment proposal and then used as a host to deceased Simone. While the guards are taking her, Murphy explains to her that they are all trying to save her using Trigedasleng. After Echo is taken, Russell assigns the task of bringing Josephine back to Murphy otherwise he will kill Emori. Miller and Gaia are the ones who save Echo in the end after breaking free from where the Primes are holding them. Right before that, Echo tells her story to Ryker. As it turns out her real name isn’t Echo. Queen Nia forced her to kill the actual Echo, her friend, to earn her survival. When Gaia and Miller show up to free her, she ends up killing Ryker right before Gaia realize that Echo is also a Nightblood.


Madi is strapped on a chair while Russell is collecting her bone marrow. She is still talking with Sheidheda, who succeeds in convincing her to listen to him so that she can get revenge. In the meantime, Murphy saves Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia, and Gabriel and takes Clarke to Russell to save Emori and himself. When Clarke arrives in Sanctum, she convinces Russell that she is Josephine and he takes her to where Madi is kept. Clarke manages not to move an inch after seeing Madi in that condition, and after injecting her with a sedative, she tells Russell that it’s time for her new mind drive. If Clarke’s conscience remains alive inside the drive, does that mean anything for our main protagonist and her fate in the show? Is somebody else going to take her place for unknown reasons at the time?


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