The 100 Episode 6×12 “Adjustment Protocol” Recap

With all the immortality storyline going on in Season 12 of The 100 no one of us was expecting to witness another death of a character that had been in the show since Season 1 after Henry Ian Cusick’s one. This Season we lost both Marcus and Abby, and we almost lost Clarke while we are also waiting to see what will happen to Murphy and Emori. In the meantime, Clarke is still posing as Josephine inside the enemy’s territory, Bellamy and Octavia are bringing The Children of Gabriel to the Sanctum, but Gabriel decides to act against the plan.


The episode starts from where we were left with Russell putting a chip inside Clarke’s head while Madi wakes up and threatens him. This makes Russell call for the doctors including Abby, who also decides to threaten him after seeing that Clarke isn’t her daughter anymore. After that, she injects Nightblood in herself and informs Russell that he can take the bone marrow he wants from her. A little while after, Clarke shows Abby that she is still Clarke and asks for Raven’s help to lower the shields, but Raven tells her that she has to stay with Madi otherwise Sheidheda will kill her.  Instead of Raven, Clarke asks for Ryker’s help only to find out that he is dead. She takes his chip, and when Russell arrives, he assigns her to find it thinking that it was Echo who stole it. Afterward, Clarke takes Priya and threatens her that she will kill her son if she refuses to help them.


Back in the lab, Russell realizes that Abby took the bone marrow from herself, making him decide that he needs more hosts. While Jackson, Abby, and Raven are waiting, Abby apologizes to Raven for everything that she did to her, stating that she is her family despite not being her daughter. When Russell comes back, he injects her with the serum, wiping her mind. In just one Season we somehow managed to lose an entire ship and two characters who had been in the series since the beginning. While we were waiting for Cusick to leave the show because of his recent casting in The Passage, Abby’s death was less predictable than his, although the writers should have chosen to kill her in the previous Season with all the pills and stuff. At least we will get to see her again as she was made a host, but she won’t be the Abby we knew for sure. So, may we meet again?


In the woods, Bellamy and Octavia are waiting for their people on the inside to lower the shield along with The Children of Gabriel. However, Gabriel decides to go against the plan and enters Sanctum to put something in the water. He gets captured afterward and tries to convince Russell not to go with the Namings, something we do not know yet what it stands for, but it seemed to have upset Gabriel enough to make him move against the original plan. As he is taken into custody, Murphy and Emori appear, dressed as the Primes. After that, during the ceremony, Bellamy, Octavia, and The Children of Gabriel arrive in Sanctum and make Priya tell everyone the truth behind their so-called-Gods. To fix that, Russell throws a bomb of Red Sun gas in the crowd causing chaos in which Priya is killed while the rest of the cast survives by using the antitoxin masks. However, Russell plans to go into space since Sanctum is lost and to do so he takes Gaia, Madi, and Raven as hostages to persuade the people on the spaceship. Right before making it to the ship, Clarke sees her mother who is now a host to Simone.


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