The 100 Episode 6×13 “The Blood of Sanctum” Recap

Another Season has come to its end and left us with more questions for the next year’s last one. It is weird knowing that The 100 is coming to its end, especially since it seems like it has so much more to show us. In this episode, we said goodbye to Abby for good, we learned that Diyoza is still alive in the Anomaly with her child, we saved Madi from Sheidheda, and we fought Sanctum with its fake religion. But, did our main protagonists succeeded in doing better like Monty had advised them to?


This episode begins precisely where the previous one left us with Russell, Clarke, and Simone arriving on the spaceship to get more of Madi’s blood to resurrect all the Primes. When Russell decides to travel to planet Beta, Sheidheda gives his orders through Madi and kill some of the space crew. When Clarke is left with Russell and Simone, she gets exposed and tells them that she won’t let them kill the people on the spaceship. Meanwhile, Gaia, Raven, and Indra restrain Madi and try to figure out a way to save her from Sheidheda. However, the only way possible to do that, in the end, is by taking out the Flame.

While Clarke is trying to save the people on the spaceship, Simone lies to her, pretending to be Abby. When Clarke realizes that she is not her mother, she opens the inner door and floats her and three of the people who got on the spaceship. Russell, however, finds Madi who is now controlled by Sheidheda and decides to cooperate with him instead of killing Madi. When Clarke sees Madi being possessed, she threatens to end her life if Madi doesn’t come out. Fortunately, Madi manages to take control of her mind for a little while so that Clarke won’t pull the trigger. Consequently, Gaia takes the Flame out of Madi.


Back in Sanctum, Bellamy, Echo, and Octavia are being chased by the people of Sanctum, who want to purify them. Fortunately, Murphy and Emori arrive to save them, posing as hosts. After getting them out, the people of Sanctum start blaming the Earth people for Russell’s decision to abandon them. To save themselves, they head to the palace, seeking for Gabriel’s help. With Murphy posing as one of the Primes, they manage to get where some the people of Sanctum are purifying the rest of them and their ultimate goal is to burn the Sanctum down to sacrifice themselves. The bloodshed starts when our cast decides to stop them.


After that, Gabriel finds out that Octavia has a tattoo he has been studying for a long time on her back. She got it while being in the Anomaly and she thinks she has to go back to find out what it means. Meanwhile, the people of the spaceship arrive in Sanctum, and Clarke shares a hug and a heartwarming talk about whether their decision to slaughter the ‘bad guys’ was a good one or not, given the fact that she lost her mother in the process. Later, Bellamy, Octavia, Echo, and Gabriel go back to Gabriel’s tent where he opens a door that leads underground to a floating ball full of the symbols that are curved on Octavia’s back. When Octavia touches it, the Anomaly starts approaching them. When it gets there, Diyoza’s daughter, Hope, gets out of it and stabs Octavia right after she tells her that somebody has Diyoza. Octavia disappears into thin air, and it seems like we will have to wait until next year to find out what happens in the Anomaly, and whether Octavia is gone for good or not.



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