Riverdale Episode 4×01 “Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam” Recap

Riverdale is back for its fourth Season, and it finally addresses the sudden death of Luke Perry, dedicating an entire episode to close up his storyline. “In Memoriam,” the show continues from where it was left on May and brings back almost every character that has ever been in the series. That is also the episode that analyzes the causes of Fred Andrews’ death before delivering its last goodbye to his lovely character.


Where We Are


After last Season’s insane finale, our characters are getting ready to celebrate the Fourth of July. According to Jughead’s narration, The Farm’s actions are starting to be forgotten, and that seems to me like a more polite way to say “we are not going to be talking about The Farm’s disappearance, like, ever again” –I’m hoping that won’t be the case, because people have questions, dear writers. We also take a glimpse at Cheryl’s little moments with Jason’s dead body. And, while our characters are casually talking about the upcoming Spring Break its events we desperately want to watch, Archie takes the inevitable call about Fred Andrews’ sudden death.

What Happened to Fred


Archie receives the sad news about his father, and, because his body cannot be delivered sooner due to the Fourth of July, he decides to pick it up himself, after a strange dream he had that also brought back some old characters, such as Hal Cooper and Jason Blossom. So, Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead set out to take Fred Andrews’ body back to Riverdale. While on their trip, they discover that Fred stopped to help a woman who had a flat tire, and suddenly a car appeared. For it to not hit that woman, Fred threw himself in front of it and saved her life. And, apart from the appearance of Shannen Doherty as that mysterious woman, the whole incident was a reminder of Fred’s constant desire to help people throughout his life.

During his search for the person who hit his dad, Archie finds out that it was a teenager who did it when he took his dad’s car without permission. His dad took the blame for him, of course, and Archie realized that his naïve actions sometimes indicate that he is somewhat the same as this teenager.

The Funeral

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It was certainly about time for the cast and the viewers to say goodbye to Fred Andrews and Luke Perry. On their way back to Riverdale, our four protagonists stumble on a crowd, which was gathered to welcome Fred back to town. Among them, we also saw Reggie, Josie, Jellybean, and Pop’s. Fred’s funeral was moving, and while Archie was making his speech, we took a glimpse of the Black Hood’s grave that was painted with a hate message –a clear contrast to what these two dads meant to people. Veronica finds out that Hiram paid for Fred’s funeral, something that was a reminder for us that we still have to deal with him this Season. While everybody in Riverdale reads the touching article Jughead wrote about Fred, we also see that Hermione is now in jail. The episode ends with a few moments and pictures of Fred Andrews.


This episode was the most proper way to say goodbye to Luke Perry. From this point on, we should expect the show to continue from where it left off. Next Wednesday, get ready to see what this Season brings along with it.

Until then, leave your comments below and tell us your opinion about the newest episode of Riverdale.


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